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Edinburgh Suburban Directory

McArthur, Miss M. E., 1 Featherhall crescent South
M'Call, John, (John Glendinning & sons), 2 Corstorphine Bank terrace
M'Callum & Craigie Ltd., blanket manufacturers, Ladywell road
M'Callum, Roderick, teacher, 27 Hillview road
M'Clung, Gilbert, 12 Belgrave road
M'Clymont, Rev. A. W., D.Litt. (Joint Scots Secretary, United Society for Christian Literature), 62 Belgrave road
Maccoll, Miss Carol, 19 Traquair Park west
McCulloch, John Herries, 8 Pearce road
M'Culloch, J. S., W.S., Eastfield Lodge, 12 Barony terrace
M'Diarmid, David, 54 Clermiston road
McDiarmid, Donald, 21 Craigs road
McDonald, David, 31 Corstorphine Hill gardens
McDonald, H. G., 21 Gordon road
Macdonald, John A., Dunmohr, 17 Gordon road
Macdonald, J. L., 3 Featherhall crescent North
M'Dougall, Andrew, 11 Maybank villas
M'Dougall, John, Dunollie, 17 Hillview crescent
Macfarlane, A. W., 48 Clermiston road
M'Gavin, Mrs. E. lyon, 4 Belgrave terrace
M'Gregor, James M. (P. & M'G.), 19 Barony terrace
M'Gregor, John, Braeside, 25 Clermiston road
MacGregor, John Leslie, The Rowans, 2 Corstorphine Bank drive
McGregor, Mrs. D., 9 Craigs road
Macindeor, Donald, 62 Corstorphine Bank drive
Mackay, Alexander, 55 Meadowhouse road
M'Kechnie, Mrs. J. C., Craigvar, 3 Belgrave road
McKenzie, Alexander C., Croy, 26 Templeland road
Mackenzie, Alexander Murray, commercial traveller, 24 Corstorphine Park gardens
Mackenzie, George, Glenfinlas, 2 Templeland road
Mackenzie, T. K., Linwood, 4 Forrester road
Mackie, Mrs. Grace, 20 Corstorphine Park gardens
McKinnon, Malcolm, liqueur merchant and distillers' agent, Hillwood, Clermiston road
Mackintosh, William, 20 Craigmount park
Mackintosh, Mrs. A. R., 5 Old Kirk road
McLaren, G. Arthur, G.I. Mech.E., A.H.,-W.C., Allermuir, 32 Castle avenue
McLean, Duncan, 13 Craigmount gardens
McLean, William, 9 St. John's avenue
Maclennan, Roderick, The Ramblers, Castle avenue
McLennan, Mrs., 20 Hillview drive
McLeod, W. A. C., St. John's Library, 235 St. John's road
McLeod, Miss, Holmlea, 7 Dovecot road
MacMillan, Mrs. Clunes, 6 Kaimes road
MacNab, Robert, (of Wm. Morrison & Son Ltd., flour importers, Glasgow), Glenoran, 29 Belgrave road
Macnab, Mrs., Moray villa, 35 Gordon road
MacNair, Alexander, butcher and poulterer, 6 Belgrave place
MacNair, Thomas, 14 Hillview terrace
Macpherson, J. & Son, grocers, 142 St. John's road; house, 1 Maybank villas
Macpherson, James, 8 Hillview drive
Macpherson, John, 7 Belgrave place
McPherson, Malcolm, university lecturer, 1 Corstorphine Hill avenue
McQueen, Misses, 42 Corstorphine Hill gardens
MacSwain, M. M., Glenmore, 27 Hillview terrace
Malcolm, John L., 19 Craigs road
Malcolmson, Dr. A. M., 1 Belgrave road
Marr, Alexander, 29 Craigs crescent
Marr, John, 9 Carrick Knowe loan
Marshall, Miss, Oakleigh, 20 St. John's road
Martin, William John, chartered accountant, 59 Glasgow road
Marwick, Miss Agnes, 3 Gordon road
Maskew, George, 46 Hillview terrace
Masterton, A. F., 15 Dovecot road
Masterton, Mrs. C., A.M.,  24 Featherhall crescent North
Maxwell, E. H., 5 Glebe road
Maxwell, George, commercial traveller, 17 Meadowhouse road
Meco Fertiliser Products, Fertiliser manufacturers and agents, 162-168 St. John's road
Meek, Miss, Craigielea, 28 Dovecot road
Meldrum, Arch. J., journalist, Casetta, 13 Hillview crescent
Melrose, O. A., Branxton, 20 Traquair park West
Melrose, Leonard, (grand treasurer, Free Masons' Hall), 18 Traquair park West
Messenger, Thomas, 8 Whitehorse terrace
Michie, Misses A., 27 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Mill, R. Reid, L.R.I.B.A., Hillcrest, Cairnmuir road
Millar, J. G.,  26 Hillview drive
Miller, A. B., 51 Hillview crescent
Miller, W. Addis, M.A., 12 Barony terrace
Minto, C. S., 35 Craigmount park
Mintee, James C., 9 Craigs avenue
Mitchell, Colin Campbell, Duncree, 26 Clermiston road
Mitchell, H. T., Cathary, 21 Craigs crescent
Mitchell, Major R. Kennedy, The Anchorage, 33 Gordon road
Moffat, James, H.M.I.S., Derry, 22 Kaimes road
Moffat, John, 27 Glasgow road
Moir, Miss A. T., 8 Craigs crescent
Mollison, George, pig breeder, South Medwin bank, South Gyle road
Mollison, Robert F., florist, North Saughton road
Moore, Major C. H. Evelyn, Dagshai, Old Kirk road
Morgan, Thomas, Ashtonlee, 40 St. Ninian's road
Morrison, A., 84 Carrick Knowe road
Morrison, John, Penston, 1 St. John's terrace
Morrison, Misses, 5 Orchardfield avenue
Morton Engineering Company, General Engineers, 162-168 St. John's road
Morton, R. & A., farmers, Bank Farm, Corstorphine
Morton, Robert Harold, artist, 38 Clermiston road
Morton, William, Murray place
Mowat, Miss, 30 St. Ninian's road
Moyes, Joseph, 17 Chalmers crescent
Muir, John, 12 Craigs crescent
Munro, James, M.B., Graham Bank, 15 Gordon road
Murdoch, Alexander, builder, Muiresk, 25 Drum Brae South
Muriset, A. H., 6 Templeland road
Murray, M. S., 14 Templeland road
Murray, Wm. Clark, Thornville, 30 Hillview terrace
Muter, Walter, Elliston, 25 Dovecot road
Naismith, Misses, 7 Chalmers crescent
Napier, James A., 17 Craigs avenue
Neil, J., 55 Clermiston road
Neil, William, Lanrick, 9 Sycamore terrace
Neill, Thomas, 25 Craigs crescent
Ness, David, J.P., 47 Traquair park West
Newbigging, W., pig dealer, Broomvale, South Gyle road
Nicholson, W. A., journalist, 30 Craigs crescent
Nish, John, 18 Hillview crescent
Niven, George H., 71 Hillview road
Ogilvie, Maison, hairdresser, 132 St. John's road
Ogilvy, R. W., fruiterer, 255 St. John's road
Old, Allan W., (H. M. Exchequer), 46 Belgrave road
Oliphant, J. R., J.P., 72 Clermiston road
Omit, W. F. K., Elmwood, 26 Dovecot road
Orr, George & son, carpet beating and cleaning, 23 Glasgow road
Orr, James, 23 Corstorphine Park gardens
Outerson, Ernest Kohler, 2 Tyler's Acre road
Outerson, T., The Sheiling, 2 Drum Brae South
Park, A. S., Auchenbeg, Cairnmuir road
Parker, A., 43 Forrester road
Paterson, William B., 44 Craigmount gardens
Paterson, Mrs. Jean A., 21 Craigs avenue
Patrick, Mrs. Alex., Tuxedo, 45 Meadowhouse road
Patterson, David Robert, (Clerk of Works), 7 Pearce avenue
Peat, Miss M., 4 Craigmount grove
Peggie, Mrs. Jean, 84 Hillview terrace
Pender, Daniel, 5 Craigs crescent
Philp, Andrew, Sunnyknowe, 13 Gordon road
Pirie, James, 34 Featherhall crescent North
Porter, David, W.S., 16 St. Ninian's road
Potter, Miss J., 3 Belgrave terrace
Poulet, Monsieur G., university lecturer, 37 Hillview road
Prentice, D., Broompark, High street
Prentice, R. G., 26 Meadowhouse road
Pringle, Adam, C.A., Yarrow Vale, 59 Clermiston road
Pringle, A., 39 Gordon road
Pringle, Richard, Culzean, 10 Hillview road