The Oxford movement :-
The Oxford Movement and its Leaders
Bibliographic resources on the founders of the movement.
 Pusey House, St. Giles, Oxford
A Seminary in England dedicated to the Catholic tradition of the Church of England
Oxford's Characters
About the Oxford Movement
The Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman
A great Links Page
The Future of Cities as Knowledge Centres
Talk presented by Bishop Richard Chartres of London
Notes towards a Post-Secular Society
Anglo-Catholic cyberevangelist argues that a post-secular age is dawning
How Should Anglicans behave at the Name of Jesus?
The Name of Jesus and Reverence
Anglo-Catholic Socialism
Includes a variety of writings from the patristic era up to the twentieth century.
Virtual Religion Index
Rutgers University Department of Religio
Our Lady of Walsingham virtual shrine
The celebrated Norfolk shrine ......... you can even light a cyber candle!
Walsingham 1061 Virtual Pilgrimage
An interesting concept.
Lady Julian's Shrine, Norwich
Home page of the world renowned anchoress' shrine; another one in East Anglia.
A few Anglican Diocese :-
Diocese of Ballarat
Australia's premier Anglo-Catholic Diocese
The Diocese of Quincy
The Diocese of Quincy of the Episcopal Church
 Diocese of Eau Claire
The Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a stronghold of orthodox Anglo-Catholicism.
Bishop of London on the Holy Trinity
Bishop Chartres' talk about the Holy Trinity
British Society for the Turin Shroud
The Shroud of Turin Website Library
Scientific Papers and Articles

In U.S.A
Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church, San Antonio
The founding parish for the Anglican Use Liturgy in the RC Church.
St Mary the Virgin RC Church, Arlington, TX
Another RC Anglican Use parish.
Church of the Ascension and St. Agnes
Traditional Anglo-Catholic Parish in Washington, DC
S. John the Evangelist, Newport, RI
An ESA, Anglican Missal Parish.
St. Paul's Church, East Cleveland USA
Eucharist-centered parish with multicultural congregation and vital neighborhood outreach ministries.
St. Paul's, Savannah
An historic Anglo-Catholic Parish serving the Diocese of Georgia since 1852
Grace Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh (USA)
High Church in the Diocese of Pittsburgh -- Both geographically (it is situated at the highest point in Mount Washington), and liturgically!
All Saints, Ashmont (Boston)
A parish with a glorious Anglo-Catholic tradition, located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. They have just called Fr Michael Godderz, SSC, to be their new rector.
The Church of St. Mary The Virgin
NYC Anglo-Catholic
Mt. Calvary, Baltimore
One of the two great Anglo-Catholic parishes in the city of Baltimore.
Grace and St. Peter's, Baltimore
One of the two great Anglo-Catholic parishes in the city of Baltimore.
Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist
An Anglo-Catholic parish in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District
St Barnabas Church, Omaha, Nebraska (USA)
An Anglo-Catholic parish founded in 1869.
Mt. Calvary, Baltimore
One of the two great Anglo-Catholic parishes in the city of Baltimore.
Grace and St. Peter's, Baltimore
The other of the two great Anglo-Catholic parishes in the city of Baltimore.
Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist
An Anglo-Catholic parish in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District
Holy Apostles, Virginia Beach
Joint Parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia and the Catholic Diocese of Richmond
Church of St Michael and St George, St Louis, MO
Not an anglo-catholic parish, but high church and traditional in doctrine and worship.
Church of the Advent, San Francisco
  Anglo-Catholic worship at it's finest in the City by the Bay!
St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue
While St. Thomas has generally been more classical Anglican High Church than Anglo-Catholic, the current Rector, Andew Mead, is a prominent Anglo-Catholic. The church itself is one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the United States and one of Ralph Adams Cram's masterpieces. The Choir of Men and Boys is one of the world's finest, and their Evensong should not be missed by any traveler to the Big Apple
Church of the Resurrection, Manhattan
A small but growing Anglo-Catholic parish with an intimate atmosphere, orthodox preaching and reverent worship
The Church of Our Saviour
Anglo-Catholic parish in the Diocese of Atlanta
In United Kingdom
St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Wren's stunning cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of London, now has a stunning web site!
St. John the Baptist Timberhill, Norwich, UK.
The Anglo-Catholic Church of Norwich
The Parish of Saint Mary the Less, Cambridge (C. of E.)
Little Saint Mary's is a beautiful Anglo-Catholic Church in Cambridge England
Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church
Anglican Use RC Parish
St. Mary The Virgin Parish Church Wellingborough UK
Church Magazine & information site
The Parish of Aldwick
Parish near Chichester, UK
St Michael & All Angels, Inverness, Scotland
The Anglo-Catholic Parish in the Capital of the Highlands of Scotland
St. Barnabas Church, Jericho, Oxford, England
St. Barnabas is a product of the Oxford Movement which has always attracted a mixed congregation through its teaching, liturgy, music and decoration.
Old St Paul's, Edinburgh, UK
Old St Paul's is the oldest episcopal congregation in Scotland
  In Canada
St. Thomas's, Toronto
Major Canadian Anglo-Catholic shrine with fine liturgical and choral traditions.
St Peter's Cathedral, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Atlantic Canada's Tractarian Hot Spot
 Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto
Anglo-Catholic parish in Toronto.
Church of St John the Evangelist, Montreal
One of the historic mother churches of Canadian Anglo-Catholicism, founded 1868
St. Peter's Cathedral, Charlottetown, Canada.
St. Peter's Cathedral was established in 1869. It was founded on the principles of the Oxford Movement. Over the years, it has remained faithful to these Catholic principles as reflected in preaching, teaching, and liturgy.
St John the Evangelist, Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
Calgary's Anglo-Catholic Parish and shrine Church of Our Lady of Walsingham
  In Australia
Skipton Anglican Parish, Victoria Australia
Australian Anglo-Catholic Parish
 St Mark's, Fitzroy, Australia
Parish in Melbourne, Australia
St Mark's, Fitzroy, Australia
Church in Melbourne, Australia
Saint Paul's, Camperdown, Victoria, Australia
Rural Australian Anglo-Catholic
Christ Church St. Laurence
Sydney Anglo-Catholic
 St. Patrick's Church
Anglo-Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Barbados
King's Chapel, Gibraltar
Military Chaplaincy, Gibraltar

Religious Life
           Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion (ECUSA)
 A first, second, and third Order Franciscan for traditional Catholics in the Anglican Communion has good devotions
St Gregory's Abbey
 Saint Gregory's Abbey is the home of a community of men living under the Rule of Saint Benedict. The center of the monastery's life is the Abbey Church, where God is worshiped in the daily round of Eucharist, Divine Office, and private prayer. Also offered to God are the monks' daily manual work, study and correspondence, ministry to guests, and occasional outside engagements.
Our holy father Benedict (ca. 480 - ca. 550) mapped out a straight course to God, as pertinent in these days of turmoil as when he composed it in a war-torn century. The secret of his abiding spirit is the love of God and of men for God's sake, requiring a disciplined life lived by the spacious doctrine
Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity
The Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity is a Religious Order of women in the Episcopal Church. It's special dedication is to the Incarnation of our Lord. It's special focus is bringing others to know Christ. The Sisters live in a community and observe daily monastic offices and the Holy Eucharist. They work in parishes, retreat centers and church camps. Among their activities are religious education, retreats and other outreach ministries.
Community of Saint Mary
The Sisters of St. Mary in Peekskill live a vowed life in Community, centered around the daily Eucharist and a five-fold Divine Office. Each sister has time daily for private prayer and study. Our way of life is a modern expression of traditional monastic practice including silent meals in common, plainchant in English for much of our corporate worship, a distinctive habit, and a measure of enclosure.
All Saints Sisters of the Poor
 The All Saints Sisters of the Poor are the American Branch of a Society founded in England, and which came to Baltimore in 1872. We are a traditional religious community, living under the evangelical vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. A mixed Life of Prayer and Work enables us to be flexible in meeting whatever needs and ministries present themselves.
Oratory of the Good Shepherd
Dispersed community of Anglican priests and laity sharing a common rule of life. Founded by Fr. Wilfred Knox, 1913.
Order of Julian of Norwich
Religious Order (men & women) withithe ECUSA
Order of St. Andrew
Anglican Religious Order
The Oratory of the Servants of God
An new organization based on the model of the Oratarians "for the mutual society, help and comfort" of celibate priests in the Traditional Anglican Communion.
The Ecumenical Monastic Community of St. Benedict
Benedictine Monastic Order
The Order of St. Augustine
The Order of Saint Augustine is a group of priests and brothers who follow the Rule of St. Augustine, the illustrious bishop of Hippo in North Africa. St. Augustine was bishop of Hippo in the 4th century and during that time he wrote a Rule for Monasteries. It is the oldest Rule in the Western Church. It is a Rule that is followed today by many religious communities in both the Anglican Tradition and the Roman Catholic Tradition.
St. Benedict's Abbey
Episcopal Benedictine abbey in the Diocese of Quincy
Alton Abbey
Benedictine monastery in the Anglican tradition

An Un-Official Anglo-Catholic Web Site
An Anglo Catholic Resource
St. Bede's Scriptorium: Theology Page
A selection of essays on theological topics, with links to sites of Anglican and general theological or religious interest. Anglo-Catholic orientation and emphasis.
The Anglican Archives
A source of modern, but orthodox, Anglican documents. All are viewable and downloadable.
The Vestment Exchange
A service ministry available to all churches in need that provides vesture and church goods free of charge, as available, administered by Sr. Elias Freeman
St. Peter Publications
Anglo-Catholic Resources, Magazines, Conference, and more!
Fr. Terence McKenna
Australian Anglo-Catholic Parish and Lectionary Commentary
Flowers of Our Lady and Mary Gardens in the U.K.
A movement that sounds terribly English, but that actually took its inspiration from a parish in the US!
An extraordinarily beautiful multimedia website devoted to medieval, renaissance, and seventeenth century English literature. Among its scores of pages are wonderful resources on Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Richard Hooker, George Herbert, John Donne, et al. , this site is not to be missed!
An Anglo-Catholic view of the 39 Articles.
This is Vernon Staley's attempt to "read" the 39 Articles in such a way as to make them congruent with the catholic faith. Admirable attempt, but surely it's better to "just say no" to the 39 Articles? Give it a look & see what you think.
Nashotah House
Anglican/Episcopal seminary
Stations of the Cross
The old form of the popular devotion as it appears in the St. Augustine's Prayer Book.
St Chad's College, University of Durham
As an Anglo-Catholic College in the University of Durham, St Chad's occupies a unique position in the English University system.
Anglican Web Links
Selected Links to Anglican Sites (Many English)
The Star Course
Christian faith explained
Debate on the Existence of God
Anglo-Catholic cyberevangelist vs agnostic - participation welcomed
Preservation Press
An online source for classical Christian titles!
Christian Software
Free Christian Software downloads.
John Polkinghorne
World-class scientist turned priest
Christian perspectives on prayer, from the Star Course
Anglicans Online
The largest online source of information about the worldwide Anglican Communion, with more than 4800 links. Updated every Sunday.
Anglo catholicism UK
A UK web site similar to this one. They are developing what will be a very useful parish directory of orthodox congregations in England and Wales.
The Bishop of London on IT/Communications
Talk presented to the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
Institute for Christian Leadership
Resource Pages
Anglican Communion News Service
News of the Anglican Communion
Episcopal News Service
Preservation Press
Preservation Press Titles
Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars
Academic Association
The Anglican Churchman
Anglican Resources
Key Life Network
Bible Study: Need Realaudio Player
Focus on the Family
Resource Center
St Augustine
Texts and Translations
C.S. Lewis Institute
Episcopal Preaching Resource Page
Resources for Clergy and Laity
Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The Ancient Library of Qumran & Modern Scholarship
The Episcopal Succession of the Church of England
The Succession of Consecrators
Best in Christian Broadcasting
Online Christian broadcasts: Need Realaudio Player
Anglican Timeline
Time line of Anglican history
Richard Redhead (1820 - 1901)
Composer during Tractarian period in England
APS Guide to Resources in Theology
Anglican Church Music
Information and resources for Anglican and Episcopal cathedral and church musicians, congregation members, and music lovers worldwide.
Great Connections
Episcopal Church Related (orthodox or conservative)

Forward in Faith
The organization devoted to maintaining Anglo-Catholic witness in the Church of England
Episcopal Synod of America
While this is not only for Anglo-Catholics, most of its members are.
Scholarly Engagement with Anglican Doctrine: A group that while not solely Anglo-Catholic, still encourages creedal orthodoxy within Anglicanism
Orthodox Anglican Mailing List
The Orthodox Anglican mailing list is for the purpose of the discussion of orthodox Anglicanism. It's mission is to provide a comfortable, supportive environment for the expression of orthodox Anglican thought, opinion and fellowship. All orthodox Anglicans, whether members of the Anglican Communion or of the Continuing Churches are welcome. Hosted by Chris Rodriguez. .
The Prayer Book Society of Canada
Anglo-Catholic Resources, Theology, Christian living, articles, and more!
National Organization of Episcopalians for Life: The only pro-life organization presently functioning in the Episcopal Church in the US.
Cost of Conscience (UK)
A traditional Anglo-Catholic political movement society
Prayerbook Society of Canada
The society dedicated to the BCP in Canada.
The Church Times (London, England)
The C of E paper, now on the web.
Four classic temperaments and spirituality
Medieval concepts of temperament applied to Christian spirituality - quite different from today's "self-help" approach
Mystics in love
Essay about Christian mysticism, as compared to the false variety .
Episcopalians United
Episcopal Reform Organization (U.S.)
Resource Page
Diocese of South Carolina Homepage
Cup and Bread Ministry
International Ministry for Understanding Between Catholics and Protestants
Episcopal Synod of America Articles
Continually updated articles of events effecting Anglican,Orthodox & Roman Catholic Churches
An Open Letter From the Episcopal Synod of America
To all faithful people of the Anglican Tradition
North American Association for the Diaconate
Association for Anglican/Episcopal deacons
Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission
Anglican organization for liturgical renewal
Anglican Journal
The Anglican Church of Canada
Early Modern Literary Studies
Milton and the Jacobean Church of England
Kalua Prayer & Theology Group
Prayer, Theological Research, Christian Discsussion

Prayer Resources-Catholic, Anglican, Methodist

Anglican Missal