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First Name Your full name will be sent with all outbound mail messages.
Last Name
State in United States
Zip Code
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Gender Male      Female
Birthday  (e.g. 1978)
Account Information
Sign-In Name  Begin with a letter, and use only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), the underscore (_), and no spaces.
Password Must be at least eight (8) characters long, may contain numbers (0-9) and upper and lowercase letters (A-Z, a-z), but no spaces. Make sure it is difficult for others to guess!
Re-enter Password
Secret Question Choose a question only you know the answer to and that has nothing to do with your password. If you forget your password, we'll verify your identity by asking you this question. Writing an effective secret question
Answer to Secret Question
Directories Hotmail Member Directory
Internet White Pages
Use the checkboxes to indicate whether you wish to be listed in these Internet directories. More information about Directories.

Secret Question and Answer

If you forget your password, we'll ask you for the answer to your secret question, the country you live in, and your Zip code (U.S. only). We'll use your answers to these questions to verify your identity before we allow you to choose a new password.

For your security and convenience, make sure the answer to your secret question is:

  • at least five character in length.
  • something only you will know.
  • not related to your password in any way.
  • unlikely to change over time.
  • extremely difficult for others to guess, even if they see your secret question.

    Some examples of good secret questions are:

  • What are the last five digits of my Visa card number?
  • What are the last five digits of my social security number?
  • What is my mother's maiden name?

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    Hotmail Member Directory
    Click this option, and others who use Hotmail will be able to look you up and send messages! Your free directory listing includes your name and location, but it does not contain your e-mail address. All other information about you is kept confidential. Your e-mail address is revealed only if you respond to a message from someone who found you in the directory.
    NOTE: The search feature for this directory supports searches using the standard English alphabet only. If you list yourself in this directory, make sure your first and last name contain letters only.

    Internet White Pages
    Click this option, and your name, location, and Hotmail e-mail address will be automatically listed in one or more Internet e-mail directories so others can look you up and send you messages! All other information about you is kept confidential.

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