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Welcome to the halls of DBU

The DragonBallUltra Manga
DragonballUltra Fanart/Mini Manga * updated *
Dragonball Ultra Fanfic Comunity
DBU links..when u wanna leave!! * UpDated *
DBU Awards and Gifts for DBU * UpdATed *
DBU couples..and Bios

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The Dragon Ball Search Engine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates.... 28August2002. OMG did I just update?!! It was a long time in coming and i still have a few more pics and manga to get uploaded. Dont be so unhappy because there isnt more DBU manga updated because there will be. One little update at a time. Hopefully this will hold you over until I get more free time. New Goten and Bura shrines have popped up and are in the link section. Well dont worry TnP fans i have got some pics for you in my next set of updates..i promise..- Majin Angel