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My Name is Basil the Best, Basbest for short. You may know me from such online headquarters as Worm.Net, Starcraft Battle.net, AIM, or Napster.
I am the Keeper of the Site! FEAR ME!!!!!!
I mean, uh, great to see you, welcome to The Best's Lair. Thanks for dropping in.
Click on the links below to be transported into the depths of my site. E-mail me with problems you have with my site, advice for reviews or my next poll, or anything else you can think of. Sign my guest book. E-mail my site to a friend, relative, enemy, acquaintance, or perfect stranger.
A word of warning, I am a teenager, so at several points in my site there are swear words, so if you're really anti-swear words and will faint if you read one, please leave the site. No big swears, nothing increadibely degarding...
Oh yes; please bookmark this site RIGHT NOW or you will regret it because not only does this site rock, but I think I am part psychotic and might snap if I don't get enough hits. Also, this site is updated weeklly so come back weekly if you don't want to miss anything.
Thank you, and have a nice day.
Okay. I'm sorry about the whole sociopathic thing. The part of me who's suddenly made me become not myself has just been sacked. Thank you. Enjoy the site.

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We here at The Best's Lair realize that many of you may be paranoid about e-mailing us just to be exploited. Rest assured that nothing, from being put on a mailing list to suffering a grisly, painful, instantainious death, will happen to you upon e-mailing any information. That is, unless you ask for something like that.Thank you.

You know what? Just put it in the guest book, and I'll your grade, or tally your vote, or whatever.

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