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the poet hussain ali ghalib baban

Look to the Moon 
Look to the Moon 
And see my face 
I want to speak
I want to 
hove your love 
And a want all 
the word and you 
I want your time
And your Feeling

Up in the sky 
Up in the sky
With the Stars
And the moon 
Your face like
the Sun In my 
heart and like
the river You 
Giving your live

I wish to see
My heart with
You Touch and feel 
And my heart Offend
For you because
I love you 

ever place
I go ever
Place To see
you Up and
down every place
Iwant hug
you In this
city or in
this Country 
I want you 

I interest
I interest to 
be with you
Because I love
you I always 
want to be
with You talk
to my heart
and say you
love my 

We you 
We you go
From my I 
Want you to
By with my 
Live with my 
In my heart
Keep with my
In this word
Give My your live 

Far Way 
Far Way she
Go Meeting Other
One Nat my
She Forget my
Love and she
Go for way

If you
If you love 
My a want 
To Know 
Maybe I will
Go because that
I want to know
If you live my
Or Nat 

IN THIS place 
WE life A 

Go after him
Yes I will 
Go after him
Because I love 
Him there and
There I will
Find my love
Ever Place I 
Will goes to 
See him 

Did you know
Did you know
I love you 
Did you know
I want you 
To Touch my
Heart and my
Feeling because I
Love you

write This Poem 
hussain ali ghalib baban