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Yes!! Well, seeing as I was hoping for 10 months on WoS,

I'm pretty darn proud of the fact that I finished it in six (SIX!)

instead! So, all the chapters will be up soon, and I'm hoping

that people might start visiting my forums to give me some

feedback on them, seeing as I hardly get any from the people

that visit my site--which is nearly up to 1000 hits, I might

add--when I love to hear from my readers, and reply to every

single email one of you writes to me!

Well, if I get any feedback about the Arsinuae comp., I might

actually get around to making it!

May Elanora's grace protect you!



Here I am, back with another update. I know I said that a new

bizaritie would be up nearly a month ago, but I've had exams

(nasty!), so it's been impossible to get any time for the site.

But, lucky you! TWO new WoS chapters, and I'm in the process

of writing another! YAY! I'm hoping that WoS will take the same

amount of time as TSP, around 10 months . . . it'd be nice if I

finished it early next year!

Now, I'm off to update a few more pages: Soundtrack, Cast List

and About Me pages have some new stuff too. Have fun!

May Elanora's hand guide you,



Well, I certainly haven't updated the site in a while! Sorry about

that, I'm just incredibly lazy!

I shall be putting up information in the next week about a little

competition for people to win a copy of the printed version of

my only finished book right now, "The Syrianan Prophecy". It

will probably be a short quiz, and whoever gets the most

questions right wins . . . since you've got all the information

you'd ever need for such a test right here at my site, it should

be a piece of cake for all you readers out there! Speaking of which,

do I have any readers? Would be interesting to know!

New stuff includes the next chapter for WoS, yes, I know how lazy

I am, and that I finished it nearly two months ago, and you should

all yell at me, but I'm sorry!! A new "bizaritie" should be up in the

next couple of days, and the "poetry" page is nearing completion!


Long update, ain't it? I will soon be adding a companion to the

'Cast List' page, which will show pictures of all the actors I've

"cast" for Arsinuae . . . so, those of you who have NO idea who

I'm talking about will be able to picture the characters a LOT better!

May Elanora guide your path!



I've received quite a few visitors lately ... my counter is

nearly to 500! 454, exactly, as I look at my site right now.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, or visits frequently!

Also, soon I might have a small competition going on:

win a copy of the printed version of "The Syrianan Prophecy".

I still have to decide how to go about it, but look for it in the

future--you might be lucky enough to win it!

Have fun with the latest chapters, and I'm going to add some

more pages to the help section later this week.

May Elanora guide you!



Well, now my wonderful and illustrious website has

been awarded the "Area51 Blackhole Award"! Yippee!

Also, a new section has been added: Confused? will help

those of you who are, well, a little bewildered by the

references in TSP and the other stories as they become

available. It will contain a complete history of Arsinuae,

before WoS, during all five and even after WotF has ended

(excluding the epilogue). I'm hoping this will encourage you

to learn about Arsinuae--or, really, to want to learn about it.

Another major sub-plot in all five books will also be explained:

Keori, Elanora and Arete. Many of you will have heard the first two

names, but Arete might come as a surprise to many of you!



Yippee! Many of you will be glad to know that my links

page has finally arrived! Gallery and poetry pages are still

in the works ... I now have a store! Remember, I will get

15% of anything you buy from amazon.com if you search

for it through my site. Please help me pay others to do my

schoolwork so I can keep this site going ^_^!

Still, many of the products linked to from my store are

highly recommended by me. If you can find them on

"Arsinuae", even if you don't buy them through amazon,

check 'em out!



A few glitches here and there were fixed (broken

links, etc.), so--hopefully--this place is working

much better. Just so people aren't confused, the

links, gallery and poetry pages are still being worked

on, and aren't ready for viewing. The pages aren't

there, but are "coming soon" ... thanks for the emails

about broken links, though. Nice to know that people

actually notice these things.


Just in case you didn't know, on April 30th,

at exactly 12:58am, "Arsinuae: The Syrianan

Prophecy" was completed. There are 22 chapters

in all, excluding the prologue. The printed version

looks beautiful, but is impossible to show over

the internet. Read more about my opinions on

this wonderful occasion at TSP.

Oh, and I got two "Bizarities" up. Be warned ...


Yay! Another month, another update. Since

I just wrote the next bit, Chapter Nineteen,

I thought you'd like to read it! Not that

anyone reads this, anyway! But, if you do,

follow the above link and get reading!

By the way ... today's ANZAC day, just in

case you didn't know.



I finally got up all the new TSP chapters,

including the most recent one, Chapter

Eighteen. Also, I updated the soundtrack,

and the cast list will be updated as soon

as get some sleep!


Okay ... counter, search engine, bulletin

board, quizlet, guestbook ... well, now all

I've got to do is get the rest of the pages



Yay! Got three more pages up, timeline,

soundtrack and castlist! Woo-hoo! =o)

"Bizarities" should be up soon, too. Just

gimme a few days!


Well, I only just started the page,

so pretty much everything is new!

Now, hit that back button and get readin'!