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Moin to all

On this Site, you can find URL's for Programs and Tutorials about Cracking
Also are here some Links to Password Boards and FREE Sites without Banners :-)
At the end of this site, you find a little collection of Progz to download:-)
If you have new URL's, or any Comments, feel free to write to Zottel's Mail



CrackProgz :

 Hack Office 2000   The newest Version of the Program, former known as Webhack !!!

 Webcracker  The Original webcrack

 Brutus  A brute force cracker

 -=I.C.E=-    The Free download Section (TYR, JTR etc.)

 GMExploiter  A New Prog, written By Gaa Moa

 CLMAttack  And another Brute Force Cracker

Tutorials & Wordlists :

 -=I.C.E=-  The Tutorial section with some Infos

Hacking Information  Some Infos around Hacking and Cracking

 Security and Hackerszene (Deutsch)  Viele Infos auf deutsch

 Linkpage Lots of links to other sites

 Nitehawks Hackers and Crackers Hangout   The Homepage of Nitehawk with some toolz and Infos

 Wordlists Some wordlists

 Tunnel of Light The Hacking/Cracking school of -=MetSys=-

Password Boards :

 The Hooky Gang

 Old Crackers Home

 The Asylum


 Gates House


 Homeless Crackers Board

dirt sPader's Password Request Forum

Free XXX sites :

 Watersports at Dice World

 Real Movie Madness

 Ben Dovers Movie Mart

 The New Movie Mart of Ben Dover

 Mad Doc's little Site


 a free swedish site

Warfare tools :

 CatNinja  Tools for PIRCH Warfare

Programs to Download :

 Netlab A nice Tool

 AudioCatalyst 2.0 Full Version The Best encoder for mp3 Files

 Rand  A Random Wordlist Creator, written By Gaa Moa

 Multilists  Also a wordlist Creator

 wwwhack  Exellent for Beginners

 How to Crack Some tutorials

 GMExploiter  An Exploiter, written By Gaa Moa

 Hack Office 2000   version, but better look at the original site for new updates

 HTTP Test A Program to test Passes