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Sects & Structure

"Worlds apart are they and I. My world remains in sight. Their lives - despair. The "I's" and "They's" cannot compare"

The Sects of the RotMS

The High Court of Blood - The highest nobility of the RotMS. They maintain the guild and keep it functioning. They lead and council, and deal direct lessons and punishment to those who need a lesson or discipline.

The Court of Blood - There are many things within the RotMS that can cannot be handled entirely by the high court, that is where the administrators valueable skills come into play. Ambassdors sent to kepp tabs on our allies, brilliant strategists to advise in combat, meditors for the sects, and scribes to make sure everything is order. Only the trusted are permited within here, as since there duties help maintain the stability of the RotMS

The Sect of the Shadows Eye - Enforcers of punishment, and the questioners of all suspected of treason and disloyalty. There viscousness is astounding and there methods beautifully cruel to those who watch, endlessly agonizing to those who are subject. The heavy duty of Guardianship of members of The Realm is placed heavily upon some of there shoulders, a deadly task indeed.

The Sect of the Sacred Night - Chanting dark prayers and whispering vile curses, these "holy" men and women shall call upon there Deities for aid and guidance. They keep those of the strong as well as they do heal while issuing black psalms. They can bring the dead back to life only if they pay homage to there patrons, who may exact there own will at anytime to pay the price of power.

The Sect of the Mystic Shadow - Pulling the energies of The Shadow about them, bending what they see about them to warp what the light has made, these horrid magi are fearful indeed. Raising the undead in sheaths of black fire as they call demons to keep them safe and grant them favors, would one dare to challenge there knowledge.

The Sect of the Fading Light - From the night in dark taverns they will fade you. From the shadows in an empty wood they will cut you down. You will not know and you will not see. They will take your soul as well as your belongings, and dig out all your darkest secrets. They will put out the light in your eyes before you know the sun is even setting.

The Sect of the Dark Fist - Sword in your back and fist across your face, your throat being crushed under a steel plated boot. The strength of the Dark Fist feared is in battle as the bloody swath that they cut is horrifieing and malcious. Covered in the blood of the light and the law, they scream there battle cries and fear nothing. The Dark Fist breaks the rigid stone and crumbles the glowing walls, insureing only the strong will will survive.

Ranks, Titles and Duties

High Lord of The RotMS
- Maintains the over all wellfare of the The RotMS
- Keeps Roster upto date
- Distrubutes Expieriance Points and Fund, as well keeps track as such
- Has final Judgment as to Accept or Decline a recruits membership, and as to whether or not an individual member should or should not remain with the RotMS
- Must follow all rules set before the Forum and Himself, as well, he must always think of the wellfare of The RotMS before all else

Senechal of The RotMS
- Advises and double checks over the work done by The High Lord
- Maintians tabs on all files just incase the High Lord is unavaialble for extended amount of time.
- Maintains suitable relations between allies, as well be on the look out for more potentials.
- Maintians tabs on all enemies, makeing sure they are not rampageing through The Guild

The Arch Duke of The RotMS
- Advise the High Lord and The Senechal in all matters when needed
- Mainstains tabs on as much of The RotMS information (such as the roster) as best as possible just incase the Senechal or the High Lord are unavailable

Blood Count or Countess
- Advises and Mediates for lower ranking members of The RotMS
- Does duties within The RotMS, such as recruiting, holding tournaments, keeping tabs on the activities of the members, makeing sure members are active as well as writeing missives, and and letters pertaining to the Status of The RotMS as a whole.

- Must hold weekly meeting within of there sect members.
- Recruiting for there sect
- Must take in weekly reports of there sect members
- Must train and New anbd wet behind the ears mebers of there sects, or appoint another to do so
- Must review Applications sent to them by the High Lord from potential recruits
- TEMPLAR OF THE FADEING LIGHT must gave BLAZE Assassin Reg# and have complete ten(10) sccessful AA'a
- TEMPLAR OF THE DARK FIST must own and operate a smithy, and have extensive knowledge and expieriance in war fare (proctoring as well as fighting)
- TEMPLAR OF THE SACRED NIGHT must have BLAZE priest and healer Reg#'s as well have extensive expieriance in the duties of both a Priests/ess and Healer
- TEMPLAR OF THE MYSTIC SHADOW must have extensive magical and occult knowledge as well as be able to have access to extensive magical and occult resrearch facilities
- TEMPLAR OF THE SHADOWS EYE :~:not ment to be seen r known by others:~:

Sect of the Shadows Eye
(Law Keepers, Executioners and Body Guards)

Templar of the Shadows Eye
(Sect Commander, Grand Inquisitor)
Inquisitors of Blood
(Questioners and Interrogators of Criminals)
Scourges of Blood
(Apprehensions/Executions of Criminals)
Warders of Blood
(Guardians and Hunters of the RotMS)

Sect of the Sacred Night
(Priests and Healers)

Templar of the Sacred Night
(Sect Commander, High Pontiff)
Arch Bishop
(Master Healers and Priests)
High Priests/esses
(Experienced Healers and Priest's)
(Experienced Healers, Beginning Priests/esses)
(Beginning Healers)

Sect of the Mystic Shadow
(Magus and Sorcerers)

Templar of the Mystic Shadow
(Sect Commander, Grand Arch Mage)
Arch Magus
(Master Spellcasters)
High Magus
(Adept Spellcasters)
(Learned Spellcasters)
(Beginning Spellcasters)

Sect of The Fadeing £ight
(Assassins, Thieves, and Spies)

Templar of the Fadeing Light
(Sect Commander, Grand Master)
Lords of the Fadeing Light
Night Stalkers
Shadow Dancers
Cut Throats

Sect of the Dark Fist
(Warriors and Fighters)

Templar of the Dark Fist
(Sect Commander, Grand Military Commander)
Lords of the Dark Fist
Arch Knights

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