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Laws & Mandates

"Judgement has passed, Who questions this law?"

Laws of the Midnight Sun

The following you are about to read within this scroll contains Laws, Rules, and regulations of the Realm of the Midnight Sun, anything that is not mentioned here in this scroll is stated on the scrolls for our Forum * BLAZE *. Any and all questions can be answered there or by the High Lord, Lord Blacrose himself. Any questions send a message to Lord Blackrose, and he will address them as soon as he can. The Scourges of Blood, Inquisitors of Blood and the Templar of the Shadows Eye are the ones who keep these laws, and will enforce them as need be.
When in need of defense, it would be wise to seek out a Blood Duke or Duchess to Mediate for you if they are available.

Minor Offenses

The following is a list of "Minor" offenses, if any of the below are violated you shall receive a warning before being punished, the next time a minor offense is enacted, it will result in the lost experience and dice. The third Offense you are disbanded from the RotMS.

1) Modering, or cheating, total disregard of the rules themselves, especially after all of you have been told to read them over.

2) Turning to The Light, or "going good" this is a minor act of treason within the RotMS, remember this is a Dark and Evil aligned guild, where the growth of the strength of The Shadow and Darkness it self is to be embraced and spread into the hearts and souls of all those around you, not being cute and kind and cuddly and caring.

3) Blatant disrespect and disregard for the Authority of those of higher status, we have a Hieracrhy of command in the RotMS, and it is to be respected by all those of lower status. No matter what there Dice maybe, they are your Superior within the RotMS, and are to be treated as such.

4) Randomly attacking other members of the RotMS without strong and just cause to do so, simply because "He called me a swill eating sow" is not a reason for a DM, or an aggressor attack, but a HM may be called for.

5) Stealing from other members, theft will not be tolerated if you are found blood red handed, and you will be punished.

Major Acts of Treason

The following states action within the RotMS that will have you executed if found guilty of these crimes. These are acts of High Treason, and will not be tolerated. You only have one chance, do not waste it.

1) Placing an AA contract (or any other actual life threatening attempts) out on one of the High Court of Blood will have you tried and executed, as well as having one placed on any other member of the RotMS, dissension is a sign of weakness. If you wish another member dead, rightfully challenge his strength in a Death Match, of which the High Court must be in compliance with.

2) Lying to or fleeing from any of the Sect of the Shadows Eye will only make matters worse for you when you are caught.

3) Giving ANY other guild our roster and revealing information about the RotMS that is not supposed to be leaked is High Treason, and you will be tried and executed.

These laws apply to RotMS members alone, as well as the laws and rules stated in the scrolls of * BLAZE * . But, hate and corrupt as best you can through out the others out side of the Realm, and steal and lie to them. Sway them to stand under The Shadow, show them the light will go out.

Rewards and Expeiriance

These signant rings are given to those who are worthy to wear them. The are symbol of pride and honor, and are rarely given out to any. When they are bestowed, the bearer should feel privlaged. These silver rings set with carved blood stone are coveted for the respect and honor they stand for, are any of you worthy?

\()/ - Ring of Leadership; for exceptional displays of leadership.
)/ - Ring of Honor and Fealty; given for honor and loyalty above and beyond the call of duty.
\()/ - Ring of Sanctity; for the clerics and healers who serve far beyond there calling,
\()/ - Ring of Shadows; for those who skills in theft and deceit and stealth exceed all others.
\()/ - Ring of Sin; for those who fall further into the shadow and give in more to chaos, for the truely fallin.
d)/ - Ring of Valor; for those who have won battle after battle. (50+ spars or other such matches won by the individual.)
f)/ - Ring of Death; for those who have slayed the light time and again. (50+ kills in the name of the RotMS.)
v)/ - Ring of Chaos and Corruption; for tainting those of the light, and wreaking havoc amongst the denizens of RhyDin.
i)/ - Ring of Gathering; for bringing members in to the RotMS time and again, and consistantly.

Ways to Earn Expeiriance

The following is the awards in expieriance for performing various deeds and duties in The Realm of the Midnight Sun. Below is supplied as well is the expieriance allotted for various matches as predetermined by the /v^BLAZE^v\ charter, and hence refer to it's charter for any quesries pertaining them. As for other such things such as recruiting, and leadership and such, that is Realm specific awards and should not considered standard for other Kingdoms, Guilds, or Forums.

SPARS - 5x Hit Point difference in ExPs awarded to the winner, 10 ExPs awarded to the loser.

MASS SPARS - Number of people in match, X the highest dice, x5 is awared to the winner. 20 ExPs is awarded to the loser.

HM's - 10x the Hit Point difference is awared to the winner, plus Honor is regained in some appropiate manner. The loser of the macth is awarded 10 ExPs.

SM's - 10x the Hit Point difference is awarded to the winner. Loser is winners slave for a previously discussed amount of time, and is awarded 10 ExPs.

NPC Story Line Battles((RotMS Specific)) - 50 ExPs awarded to the players for defeating the opposition within the SL. HP's and Dice are to be apporved by the High Lord, Lord Blackrose before they are to be used. One on one NPC Battles are to be run as SPARS, and larger NPC Battles are to be dine as MS's. The individual running the SL is responsaable for all logs of such fights. ((If a particular SN is being used for a particualr SL and that SL alone, in the profile of that Sn must be placed in the following ((RotMS NPC)), other wise, NPC battles will not be valid.)) As far healing is concerned after these matches, that is up to the indibidual running the SL.

RECRUITING((RotMS specific)) - 50 ExPs to the individual if their recruit is ACCEPTED into The Realm.

RUNNING A Story Line((RotMS specific)) - Varies, depending hiw many people are invovled, and how well it developes. As well, the SL must be entertianing and within good taste ((RPed Rape without total and complete and logged MUN consent, will cause that person to be utterly removed from the RotMS)), Send the logs to Lord Blackrose.

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