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The RotMS

"Under will, I walk the path of sin, your pains raise me to bliss."

The Shadow Rises

On the borders of RhyDin a black cancer begins to spread, writhing and reaching out to its denizens. Its touch corrupting and destructive, tainting all things pure in its path as it grows ever stronger. Along with its tainting comes Chaos bashing down the rigid layers of laws and static philosophies that RhyDin is known for. Its Taverns full of weak minds and bodies will fall to the oncoming darkness. The Gods of Shadow and the Gods of Chaos ride at The Realms back driving it forward to strength and power. Nothing is out of bounds to accomplish its goals, side by side we shall blaze across RhyDin like a dark fire, descamateing the light.

Only the Elite are welcome into the hollowed halls of the keeps and castles of The Realm. Those who have embraced there darker nature and have cast aside all rigidity. Dark Knights ride forth and fell foes in a swath of destruction. Malevolent Sorcerers call vile demons and raise undead minions to fulfill dark purposes. Priests of Chaos and Shadow call upon there Gods to bid them favor, yet always a price to pay for their divine sadism. In the shadowy corners of the night dark hands silently reach out and metal gleams off of a blade in night to take out a target in utter stealth. As one under The Shadow we of The Realm will secure our place in being the nightmare of RhyDin.

Spawn of the ever rolling abyss
Ever espousing unluminations
Charred soul - Burned at rebirth
Quest not save the death of the sun

Repulsed by the light
Heart pumping ice
So cold to this world
Reclude until the summoning
Sworn to the black

Our father begotten, not made
Before all legends of man
Recieve my loyalty, my offering
In my viens; the blood of the ancient brood
Summon me

Burning inside, I feel the call
Blood of the ancient ones now boils
At war - War with the race
Father rise and the world be one

Repulsed by the light
No feeling for life
Drained of my being
I lie dead but still I am sworn

Sects and Structure of The Midnight Sun

Laws and Mandates of The Midnight Sun

Application to The Midnight Sun

May you always stand under The Shadow, and may Chaos favor you.

First off, I would like to thank BeIESpritX and XNyteWyngX for all there help, advice, support and contributions to helping me build this site, you ladies are the best.

The Realm of the Midnight Sun, is a kingdom, not a guild in which spars and wars are deemed as the most important parts to Online Role Playing.

The Kingdom of the Realm of the Midnight Sun is ment for Story Line Role Playing, with a strong structure and "rules" that enhance Role Playing amongst it's members. Good Role Playing is a rarity online and especially on AOL. The RotMS is a medieval setting for those who wish be part of "The Dark Kingdom" Reminiscent of Mordor (Tolkien) or even Ravenloft (TSR and Wizards of the Coast).

It was built and designed by Klayne Drakulv for better Role Playing all around for those who prefer morbid, evil, chaotic and dark gothic Story Lines.

The Realm of the Midnight Sun is now currently ruled by High Lord,
and the High Lady
Deadrianna Darkfall

Character depth and development are most important, as well, how big someone's dice are do not matter, it is the quality of Role Playing done by them that brings them recognition and fame.

Within this Dark Kingdom, Heiarchy is adhered too, and matters of Medieval Court are brought into play. Members may travel one time through the next through gates, but once in the Realm of the Midnight Sun there persona becomes that of Dark Ages and Renaissance.

With in this Kingdom, members are to feel like Family, not numbers on the roster, and it is my goal to accomplish great Role Playing for those who desire it, and have the time.

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