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  Michael Myers - Pure Evil!

The Thorn


The Thorn!?!

Hey guys. I had to do sumthing about the thorn in 3 of the films the thorn is one of the biggest and most unusual character of them all! The Thorn starts in Halloween 5. It plays a bigger role in Halloween 6(the film where ever1 learns what the thorn is)! and in 666 Origin of Michael Myers!(Producers Cut)It explains the thorn fully and has a lot to do with it anyway if i find a pic ill put it down there with the description of the thorn!

Thorn is the third rune in what is believed to be a group of 33. That part is only speculation due to the different beliefs through the years. But, it is speculated as the third rune. Thorn is also known as Thurisaz, pronounced thu-ri-saz. Thu...ri, like rig...saz with "a" as in father. The base meaning to this is "Gateway, with thorns of resistance." It also has been known as Dorn, you can see there are many synonyms for this rune.

Thorns can be looked upon in two ways, as a barrier and as a protection or a separator from the "other side" of change. So, there is good and bad in thorn. In accordance to that, thorn is a rune of testing and challenge, as well as protection and defense. To simplify this, I'll try to state it like this. Its Divinatory meaning is: Hardship, painful event, etc. Obviously, this fits Michael to a "t." Its magical uses are to aid in study and meditation and self meditation. I find this amazing because Michael had TOTAL self control and meditation. After researching, all of this is finally coming together.

To understand thorn, you must realize all that's behind it. So, it helps to understand where it falls on the tonal axis. It spans from the fourteen (Earthly father), through the four (the place of the Animals...possibly explaining his eating of the dog in the first Halloween),the ten (the mind), the three, the thirteen, and the one. The one is the place of Fire. Obviously the fire explains the RAGE in Michael Myers. Some of the potential negative trends are Demonic Influence, damage, deception, and perishing of enemies. Well, looky what we have here! All of those explain Michael Myers.

To help understand Thorn, here is the poem that goes hand in hand with thorn:

A third song I know: If urgency tells me to tie the opponent w/ magic. Then I dullen the steel of my foes So that their swords will not cut anymore.

This poem can explain Michael's influence of thorn. They believed a person was inflicted with this curse so that they could spare the lives of all other people in that "tribe."

Here is something you will find AMAZING! Under Christian proselytizing influence, the Latin alphabet was generally adopted, and only two runes survived: the wynn (yes, you read correctly, the WYNN), which looked a lot like a P, and the thorn, which looked like a "p" with a neck splint. Isn't that amazing, that WYNN was one of the runes that survived? Could this explain the fascination that Dr. Wynn has with Michael's powers? Maybe this led to his name of "Wynn!" Weird Stuff.

The lesson of this rune is to learn you must suffer. Not only literal suffering, but also in the biblical sense of allowing one's destiny to unfold as it should, and allowing one's self to experience all that life offers us. There is talk of "Giants" when talking of Thorn. Thorn is the name given to the Giant. The Giants (not the football team or the baseball team) may seem to be evil and destructive to the Aesir, but they bring about change, and eventually clear the way for a new age. Could Michael finally turn out to be "not as bad as he appears?" After he does "his job" maybe he'd clear up. I'll leave you guys with that last thought. Hope some of this gives you a better understanding on H6. I know this info surprised me a lot and helped me understand H6. I really loved the WYNN part.

Thorn isn't just an evil rune. It can be both good and evil. Depending on which way the rune is set, can determine whether it's good or evil. This depends on which way the triangle part of the thorn symbol is facing. You see, it can also play a part in taking the evil OUT of the person cursed with it. This also goes along with what I said they could possibly do at the end of H7. How it can bring about that change it's seeking. You never know, something could trigger Michael to let the evil out of him, that protective rune, perhaps?

Anyhow, I also thought I'd let everyone know how the thorn rune can also double the size of any animal for the duration of the spell. A doubling in this size would increase the weight by four times. With this, a gain of 50% over the "creature's" natural strength is probable as well. Could this explain why Michael is not affected by bullets or anything else? Can this explain why he got so BIG between parts 5 and 6? Discounting the fact that George Wilbur put on weight, could this be the explanation? The whole time that Wynn had Michael locked away (the six years) could this curse be building up in Michael? Thus, making him so much BIGGER and STRONGER than ever? I think this seems too coincidental not to be looked at! Look at the great storyline this presents. This finally could explain why Michael can't be killed. He gained all that strength over the years. Once that curse is lifted by that protective rune, I feel Myers would slowly lose all that power and bulk, returning him to a "normal" individual.











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