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Your Theories

Submit your theories about our investigations or other famous investigations over the years such as Ammityville. Send your theories to PSIG.


On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his entire family (father, Ronald DeFeo Sr.; Mother, Louise; Brother, Mark and John Matthew; Sisters, Dawn and Allison). At trial, DeFeo said that a shadow ghost was along side him cursing him to commit the murders. Hanz Holtzer (famous parapsychologist) interviewed DeFeo and came to the conclusion that DeFeo was possessed by the spirit of an Indian chief. A claim that DeFeo later disputed.

Property Background - The propery that the Amityville house is located on was an insane asylum for Native Americans who were sick and dying.

PSIG's Theory
PSIG feels that Amityville was caused by actual paranormal phenomena caused by DeFeo's alleged "satanic rituals" in the so called "Red Room" and the spirits of the dead family.

Reason - Kathy and George Lutz felt a presence in the house. Kathy smelled perfume, the first time she reported an odor, and felt a calming presence. The next time it was overpowering and frightening. Also, the priest the Lutz family asked over to bless the house heard the words "get out" in the sewing room, and a friend of the family, a nun, refused to enter the sewing room. A young friend of the children's would not play anywhere except the foyer. George was attacked by a lion statue that the family owned. The lion left teeth marks on his leg. When George found the so called "red room," he said he saw an apparition of Ronald DeFeo Jr. When he showed the room to police, the room filled with a fog and the stench of human excrement, making everyone ill. The family heard band music playing and Kathy levitated several times. Kathy saw red eyes looking in a window, and George found hoof prints in the snow while investigating. Missy (daughter) had an invisible friend named Jodi. Missy said that Jodi will live forever to play with the lost soul of a little boy. While sleeping, George was heard screaming in two languages. Furniture moved on its own. George and Kathy felt something on their bed. The sons reported a monster in their room. George sees the demon again. After 28 days of living in the house, the Lutz's leave.

What we think caused the phenomena:
We believe that the murders of 6 people contributed to the phenomena. After reviewing the Lutz account, we believe what was occuring in the Amityville House was a haunting caused by the souls of the DeFeo family that were trapped in the house because of violent death. We also believe that something more sinister is in the house, and the haunting phenomena was so severe to force the Lutz family to leave, to ensure that they would not become victims of the same force that caused Ronald DeFeo Jr. to kill his family.

We urge any comments or theories about the Amityville case are appreciated.

Dennis Hill

after reading your report and looking at your pictures, i have some light to shed on your analysis. first of all anything i say comes from a metaphysical standpoint not a scientific. due to contacts i have to agree with maybe a wiccan coven meeting place. but i do stress that in all the traditions i know of there is no tradition that does any form of rite to forbid anyone from coming to a sacred spot. although there is a rite i know that does protect a covenstead form desecration from vandals, but this is highly unlikely in this case. the team felt a bad feeling there and that is not consistant with any wiccan beliefs or practices to put a negative field around a sacred place. possibly you came across someone of a different magickal path. there is no way for me to tell with such little to go on except two things   1 the sigil/markings on the hearth   2. the presence i will explain in that order.     first of all if i could see the sigil/markings i could tell you if this was an adept or just a couple kids fooling around by the way they did them. where how with what and evidence of concecration ie oils sagebrushing or such. 2 the presence you seen can true be the pwner of the site itself or an elemental (a being created by the mystic on the astral plane to serve a specific purpose eventually being able to manifest on the lower planes of existence), i have a couple of these myself and i will tell you that they do grow stronger in time and can apear on the physical plane depending on certain factors i will not discuss here due to the long drawn out nature to this now this is not a usual practice for wiccans. the probability of the coven responsible for the wax sigils and apparition are not wiccan. i tell you this with much conviction. i would like to however see if i could help you in telling what exactly were you looking at. in another scenario when casting a circle as wiccans and many of magickal arts do (casting a circle you may be famliar with) you tend to be a beacon for things on the other levels including astral and spritual planes drawing beings of curious natures to the area. thus fore a wiccan circle meeting could cause anough disturbance to alert entities of the area and they come to investigate. i have alot of idea on this place but too many to give here. i hope this gives you an inside look into the occult. somethings i have a sworn oath not to disclose with the uninitiated but i feel i can shed light on many matters you deal with this was the first case i looked at and i believe that theory one or two makes the most plausible explanation to what you experienced. i hope this was benefical to you and helps your cause. i apoligize for grammatical errors and spelling errors because i am in a hurry.                              yours truly,                                                        richard