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True Ghost Stories

PSIG is looking for your true-life ghost stories. If you have a ghost story for us, please send it to PSIG. We will get in contact with you and post your story on this page.

NOTE: Some stories may be edited for spelling errors and content.

The E. Ville Ghost.....

It was a cold winters night in 1994 about 3:00 am and I had just left the home of my friend Carolyn in the East Village. I had just rounded the corner of 1st Street and Ave A and was starting up to catch the F train. A brisk wind had swept the streets clean of garbage and Clubers alike and was hurrying me along too. I had just passed the East Indian Deli and was walking pass the parking lots of the high rise when I saw the young man approaching me. He was staggering and really not dressed for the weather now though earlier his attire would have been enough. I remember thinking to myself you'll not make it through this night if you continue going the direction you are staggering like that. Why not just put a sign on your neck saying "Mug me.... Easy prey." To my surprise the youth staggered toward me and stopped. "You won't believe this he said but I have walked all the way down from Broadway trying to bum subway fare..." he slurred " No one will give me even a quarter."

I looked at him and was startled how much he looked like the ex boy friend of a mutual friend of Carolyns and mine.... It was just that he was at least ten years younger but damned near a twin of him. He apologized several times to me for being in the condition he was and said he should have known better but he spent every dime he had on a girl and a good time and that they both ran out at the same time. I laugh and gave him a quarter and started to walk for it was cold and he said ,

"Great all I need now is another dollar." I had thought all he needed was a quarter by what he had said earlier and called him back and said,

"Look you need to get your ass off these cold streets give me back the quarter and I'll give you a token." Wobbling he put out his hand and I took the quarter from it at pushed the token into his palm for I was afraid he would drop it and that was all I had was two tokens and a quarter.

"Now you need to get on the subway" I said and started to walk toward the station.

"Ok." he said but walked the other way I turned to call him he was gone. I walked up the block and called Carolyn to tell her of what happened and about the young twin of Rob I had encountered. After a long pause she told me how when Rob was a young kid he had been stabbed and died on a subway but was brought back to life in the hospital. Was it young Roberts ghost?

You tell me..... Are these alien test of compassion , are they ghost, or inter dimensional bleed overs?

If any one reading this article has ever encountered or heard of these entities or phenomena please contact me by email. Thank you for your time..................

Posey Gilbert

If you are interested in reading more of my experiences please visit my web site. It is called: Pieces Of An Enigma If you wish to know more about me and my encounters please go there and click on the Dragons Warning Icon on the first page when it loads. Thank you for writing and please feel free to do so at any time. Take care.

    I remember when I was young playing in our huge two story house that had these rap around stairs that went to the upper level of the house. As far as Im concerned what happened or what was a normality to me was I had a friend that I would let play with me when I was playing on the stairs I loved so much. My parents would always call me in and ask who I was talking to and who I brought extra toys too - and I would answer with " My friend." One night my parents had taken me to my bed and lay me to sleep for the night. The rest of the story is completely from them as I was a child and could not be there due to the act I was asleep. They both sat in the Den of the hous e and looked up the hall way to the stairs. On the bottom step sat a little child. My Dad spoke out with "Chandlur what are you doing?" and then my Mother looked over at the hall way and to the stairs and said "Joe..." (Which is his name) and took ahold of his hand which was shaking as soon as she held it.They both walked slowly up the hallway to the child who sat and kicked it feet looking down. as they got closer they viewed a little gilr sitting at the bottom step looking down. They said she was not se through or any other weirdness like that but she had a "lighted source" within her being ( thats how they described her pale apperance) they were then about 25 feet away from the child when it looked at them and the said very hair on there body stood up when her eyes hit them. They said she quikli turned around and walked up the staircase. Of course they both ran towards the stairs, looked up and saw nothing. They followed the stairs to the top looking down both hallways on the top floor. They quickly walked to my room where I sat ( I dont remember) on my bed staring at the wall and talking. They then came to me and touched my shoulder and I turned around and said sorry and laid back down in my bed they both sat on the side of my bed til mornibg when i awoke in their bed with them. After the night I remember the talk we had about this and being only four I had little knowledge of life, death, or any happenings afterwards.They made me tell them over and over what my friend looked like and what we did together. And after that I never saw my friend again. Now that im older and can think about this I do remember what she looked like exactly. She was a kid of my age (4) and wore a white dress with blue flowers all over it. She had very curly hair and had the most brilliant red cheeks you can imagine. She had brown hair and green eyes though she was pale her face had more color then the rest of her appearance. and the one thing i remember about being with her is she liked to play on the stairs - no where else - I never saw her anywhere but on the stairs. Well thanks for ltting me tell you my one event with the paranormal.
Regards- Chandlur

hi lyn sure but there are a few more details to this story that you might want like that all the neighbors knew about these hauntings and that the doc buried his victims in the cellar. my friend actually saw several apparitions himself coming out of hi wall in his bedroom and spirits of children had been seen dancing in the yard in broad daylight. at the time I was trying to find this house so I could see if I could see a spirit my then fiancee and I circled this block about 6 times seeking the correct house. this cold very evil feeling kept hitting my gut at the same spot each time we circled. my husband remembers this very well because I kept telling him how I felt and then went to a phone and called my friend the former resident and he confirmed that the house I had guessed because of my gut feeling was right. he had said it was a white house but neglected to say there were about 5 white houses in a row on this street very weird.this doctor was very well known and very rich an 'upstanding' member of the community.I believe this all happened about 75 years ago.but I do know how I felt driving by that place and it was COLD

I have not had many paranormal experiences here in Maine but I lived a year in Binghamton New York, its located in where they call upstatenew york.while there I made a friend who while I was there lived in a house so haunted he had to move after 2 weeks. I drove the place he said it was and got really strange vibes. upon questioning him a second time about the location I found out the exact spot I was recieving the feelings was accross the street from the house. this was a relatively crowded neighborhood probably be called lower middle class. the story goes there was a doctor running some sort of clinic or home and was murdering kids about 22 if I remember correctly. My husband is from Binghamton and he has himself seen a ghost or spirit.

Here is the collection of my trips to Dudleytown. MY name is Chris Diorio, if you wanna post this on the site or whatever, feel free.

MAY 1999-My first trip to Dudleytown. This trip came more out of curiousity and boredom then the desire to do any actual ghost hunting. There were eight of us total. We packed into two cars and made our way there, hopeing we'd be able to find it. We made our way up one entrance, and about half way up a lady drove up and ordered us to leave. We turned around and looked for another entrance. After more searching, we found a second entrance, Dark Entry Road. We made it up safely and parked our cars. Our group consisted of five girls and three guys. We got out of the cars and surveyed the area, noticing that it was very quiet, and curiously cold for an evening in May. We heard sounds in the woods, and immediatly half our group refused to go any further. That caused two other members of the group to stay with them, which left two of us. Initially, I began walking up the path alone until they called me back and devised a new plan. The six of them would go to a nearby gas station and wait for us, while us two went up the path. Well, we decided to try out the car we would drive. My friend stuck the key in the ignition, and it wouldn't turn. They claimed he put the key in backwards, however, that can't be the case. If you've ever tried to put a key in backwards, its not that easy. You have to FORCE it in backwards. The key just slid in. So there we were. We had to pile 8 of us into one car, drive back and get a tow truck, which refused to go up there until the next morning. It was later speculated by a friend of ours that a spirit may have caused the mechanical problem with the car, but thats just speculation.

JULY 10, 2000-My second trip to Dudleytown would not happen until a year later. The same friend who speculated about the car decided to take us up there on a ghost investigation. He was well versed in the area and led a group of five of us up there. We photographed both Dark Entry and the Bald Mountain entrance. Both areas produced "Spirit Orbs" or "globules". We also noted the absence of sound, the extreme cold, and the fact that two of our members complained of stomach cramps. Also present was the unmistakeable odor of ammonia on Bald Mountain.

JULY 12, 2000-A second investigateive trip. We photographed the same two entrances. Neither produced any conclusive results.

AUGUST 24, 2000-The big one. This would be the first time that I would lead a group up to Dudleytown on a paranormal investiagion. We managed to stuff 11 people into two cars and made our way up there. Our first task was to investigate Dark Entry with 2 flashlights between the 11 of us. As soon as we arrived, we again noticed the distinct silence and eerie cold. As we made our way up the path, most of us had the feeling that we were being followed or watched by some unseen presence. It was rather uneventful, until we got deeper into the woods. Myself and another member of our group noticed a white "creature" roughly the size of a raccoon making it's way towards us. We yelled for the member with the camera to take a picture, but when he attempted to take the picture our camera "froze" and refused to take a picture. At this point, 8 of the 11 members of our group turned and ran in the other direction at the site of this creature. Included in this group of 8 were the two members who possessed the flashlights. The three of us who stayed back were forced to run back with them in order not to get enveloped by the darkness.As soon as we felt safely away from the creature, we resumed a walking pace. Without warning, the camera suddenly flashed two pictures without anyone pressing the button on it. Almost as if the camera had "paused" while in the presence of the creature. The member holding the camera claimed as the flash went in his eyes, he could see a face. We piled back into the car and after much convincing, we went up the Mohawk entrance. In my car there were 6 people, in the car behind us there were 5. We went rather fast up the Mohwak entrance, and stopped at the top to take some photographs. On the way down, we noticed what we first thought was a campfire out in the woods, so we stopped our car and photographed the campfire. Upon closer inspection, we realized this campfire was, in fact, moving and blinking. It would go orange, disappear, then reapper as white, disappear then reappear as orange again. We went about 100 feet down the road, and turned back around to get a better picture. By the time we got back to the spot, roughly 20 seconds later, the light was gone. Again, we turned our cars around and head back down the road. As we were heading down the road, me and two members in my car saw what appeared to be a light that looked like lights from a mack truck hitting the ground, except there was no mack truck. The light came right at my car, then proceeded to go THROUGH my car. We would later find out that the other car did not see the light, indicating that the light "disappeared" after it went through my car. Let me say this, there is a lot of speculation on whether or not Dudleytown is haunted, and you can explain a lot of the things that happen up there using logic. But there is no logical explenation for this light what so ever. This convinced me, completely and irrevocably, that there are spirits present in Dudleytown, and one of them went through my car. In a hurry, we drove back to our meeting spot in the town we lived and gathered our thoughts. 5 of our members decided to go home, but we picked up two new members, including my friend who had originally brought us up there. We piled 5 people into my car and three into the other car. On our way up there, the three people into my friends car, and myself in my car, all saw what was a huge white light fly above Dudleytown. It appeared, flew about 15 feet across the sky, then disappeared again. We went up the same two entrances and took photographs. Both photographs revealed spirit orbs. Also noted was that on our second trip up, at roughly 3:00 AM, almost simultaneously two members of our group felt weird. One had a stabbing pain in his arm, the other complained she had a headache.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2000-Another photograph mission. Photos revealed spirit orbs, and one photo appeared to reveal a "psychic fog"/

SEPTEMBER 10, 2000-Photograph mission. No results.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2000-I led a group of three up Dark Entry road for a hike. There was the usual silence and cold, but we did not see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2000-Only two of us went up this time. We both felt the same feeling of being watched and dread as we did on our fateful August 24th mission. We decided to turn back, since we did not have a camera with us.

SEPTEMBER 29-2000-I brought a different friend up. We went up Dark Entry and stopped my car to just listen for a second. In the woods we heard a russling, then a short, deep throated growl. We waited a few seconds, then heard the same deep throated growl again, this time however it lasted much longer. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor, we turned around and left. Also this time there were two bouquets of black flowers on a sign near one of the entrances.

October 4,` 2000: We went on a photograph mission. One photo showed globules. Also, the sign this time had only one bouquet of black flowers. When we photographed the sign, which was yellow, in the photo it reflected the light as if it were a mirror.

October 6, 2000: I did not attend this mission, but my two friends who went up noticed that there were NO black flowers on the sign this time.

PSIG's Dudleytown Investigation

    Recently,a friend and i went up to Dudleytown. We walked in from the Dark Entry Road side at about 3pm on Nov. 4th, 2000. We followed the path along the small stream, past the waterfall and the washed-out bridge (or dam, whatever it once was). We crossed the stream and continued following a path.

Eventually we came out on what looked like a narrow, dirt country road. We made a right and followed the road. We found another road on the left and we took that. We came to a chain strung across the road with some PVC piping in it. We stepped over and continued walking until we found a run-down contemporary home on a hill. A newspaper in the root cellar was dated 1996 and the house had obviously not been used since. We sat for a moment in their enclosed porch for a moment for a cigarrette.  

     By this time it was beginning to get dark, so we decided to head back. It took us about 45 minutes to get back to the car. When we got there, i realized that i had left my car keys on the table in the porch of that house. We would have to go back. That is when it got strange.

    While we were walking back up the path along the stream not far from Dark Entry Road, i heard something high in the trees off to the right. I shone my flashlight around in time to see a large branch hit the ground on the steep embankment heading down to the stream. We continued on. A few hundred feet farther, we heard the same sort of sound again. Only this time, I did not see anything falling from the trees. We continued on. A few hundred feet farther, we heard the unmistakable sound of a rock richocheting off of a stone wall off to the right.

    This was in late November and there was positively no way for anybody to have been following us without being heard with all of the leaves on the ground. This was not some person trying to scare us. We made it to the road as before and made our way back to the house without incident (except for a false scare when i saw the beam of my light reflected off the eyes of a deer up ahead standing in the road). We found my keys and headed back.

    On the way back, in the same area as before, we heard something again. It sounded something like a donkey-call, only not as deep....more high-pitched. I suppose it could have been a bird or something. We walked a few feet and then heard the sound again, only closer this time. I could not see anything in the area where the sound came from (somewhere near the stream or on the embankment). We continued walking and heard it again....several of these strange sounds one after another instead of just once...and closer again.

    We walked back to the car and left. But i swear to God that there is no way in Hell anybody could have been following us that quarter of a mile or so without being heard. I took some pictures while we were there, but have not had them developed yet....

PSIG's Dudleytown Investigation