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Fort Stamford


Our investigation of Ft. Stamford began after hearing a story that took place about 20 years ago at the site. The witness explained to us about a friend of hers that would go to the fort at night with his highschool friends and hold seances. He did this several times until on one occasion, he was suddenly pulled back from the rest of his group by a force he couldn't see and was rolled backwards on the ground. The witness then explained how, a few years later, this friend took her to the fort, though he had not been back since his encounter. She explained about how she thought she saw someone ducking in and out of the trees of the area, and she then got out of the car where they were sitting and began walking around the site until she saw a large, black, charred circle in the grass. She then walked around the cirlce and leaned down to touch it when she heard a clanking sound (she compared this sound to the clinking of a dogs chain). She then reported hearing heavy, quick footsteps coming towards her and then being pounced on by something she couldn't see. She began to struggle with the invisible "attacker" until her friend came over and helped her up and showed her that nothing was there. She has never been back since.

She explained this story to us in hopes that we would visit the site, and, perhaps, we would be able to explain what happened.

Our group of investigators has been to this several times, and has encountered several different ghosts and spirits. It seems that there are spirits and ghosts hauntng the site from several different eras. Our group has encountered ghosts that are believed to be from the Revolutionary war fort itself. There was also a rather large house located at the site that burned down for reasons we have not been able to determine. It is also believed that the area is sacred ground for the native americans that used to inhabit the area. All of our encounters, as well as the theory's behind some of the events, are included in our reports.

Due to our last interview with our witness, our final theory on Ft. Stamford has been determined and the case has been closed. PSIG theorized that an "astral rip" was created either purposely or accidentally in the area near a fort turret that appears as a mound with a pit in the middle. Our witness confirmed that the mound was the original site of several seances performed by teenagers. She also confirmed that the spirit that "attacked her" came from the direction of the pit. Due to this confirmation, we are lead to believe that the seances accidentally opened a rip between the earth plane and the astral plane, and, whenever the proper energy is available (from a focus or medium) certain spirits may temporarily come through the rip. PSIG believes that one of these spirits "attacked" the witness, and perhaps our researchers.

Fort Stamford Report 10-15-99
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Fort Stamford Pics