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PSIG Field Report Manual

A paranormal investigator is someone who collects facts to accomplish a goal to prove, through scientific documentation, the existance of ghosts and spirits.

Information is knowledge which the investigator gathers from other persons. One source of information is a witness. Witnesses are often what give you a case.

The investigator who is assigned to a case is charged with the general responsibility of piecing the various parts of an investigation into a coherent whole.

Purpose of your notebook
1.) Repository for details
2.) Basis for your reports
3.) Evidence
Your notebook should contaim the notes of just one investigator and should be a bound notebook, not looseleaf, so as not to lose any case notes.

Report writing:
The effectiveness of an investigator is judged in large measure by his/her reports of an investigation. The investigator is part of a working team. His/her information needs to be available for other members to review so they can offer opinions or theories about the case.

Purpose of your report:
1.) Record - A report of an investigation is an objective statement of the investigators findings. The information given in the report should be relevant to the proof or disproof of the paranormal.

Parts of a report:
1.) Date
2.) Case Number
3.) Subject
4.) Investigators
5.) Equipment
6.) Location
7.) Temperature

A preliminary report should be made after the first few days of an investigation. It should contain the preliminary findings/feeling of the investigator.

A final report should be writtenat the conclusion of the case stating the findings of the investigator and his/her theories about what caused the phenomena.