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Network Link

These are the sister groups that PSIG has formed. We neither run or are run by these groups. We just work together whenever we can and share information.

Smoking Gun Research Agency - UFO/Conspiracy Division
Director - Jon Nowinski
We have worked with SGRA on several occasions. Some of our most notable cases were conducted with SGRA. Jon Nowinski and his staff are knowledgable in several areas of the paranormal.

Maines Ghost Hunter's Assoc.

Director - Ghosthunter7
Maines Ghost Hunters Assoc. is a new and up-coming group. We have not had the chance to work with them yet, but we have had the opportunity to speak several times with Ghosthunter7. He is knowledgable about the paranormal. I know is group will go far. The group investigates all aspects of the paranormal in Maine.

Phantom Realm Society

Director - Kyle Brotherton
Another up and coming group. We look forward to working with PRS in the future. I've chatted with Kyle several times. I think his group will do well.

Seven Paranormal Research & Investigation-
Directors Kady & Russel
Seven is the newiest group to join PSIG's growing list of network groups. I've have had the opportunity speak with Sevens director several time in the last few days. We at PSIG look forward to working with Seven.

Other Links

Virginia Paranormal Investigations


South Jersey Ghost Research

1,000,000 Paranormal Links

The Shadowlands

Demonology Research

Bay Area Paranormal Research Society

Ghost Hunters of Baltimore

Southern New England Ghost Hunters Society - CT

TriPAR Paranormal Activity Research

Spirit Quest

Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network

Sherry's Paranormal Links

Annals of the Supernatural

Stories My Grandma Told Me

Paranormal Vortex

Ghost Research Society

Echo Bodine

Donald Lawson

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If you have a link you think should be on our list, or if you have a webpage and are interested in networking with PSIG, please feel free to e-mail us.