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How PSIG conducts an Investigation

PSIG members will meet and discuss new sites to investigate. The site will be an area that the members know of or a site that someone has requested us to investigate. PSIGS's directors will make the final decision on investigating the site.

Preliminary Investigation - Day Time:
A day time investigation is conducted before a night time investigation. This way investigators will get the lay of the land so to speak. Base line readings of equipment is taken and initial pictures are taken to see if we find anything. Also, the group mediums look for possible "hotspots" or places where the group will focus it's later investigations... places where we feel that most of the activity will take place.

First Night Time Investigation:
The investigation will focus on the "hot spots" found during the previous investigation.

Further Investigations:
Follow up investigations will be conducted until we feel that we have gathered as much scientific information as we can. However, there are instances in which we have recieved a request for an investigation. In these instances we continue until enough information is gathered to form a conclusion as to what was causing the haunting.

After we have finished an investigation, we review all pictures and video taken to look for possible anomolies and to review procedure.

Final reports:
During investigations, field investigators will fill our field reposts. At the end of an investigation, investigators complete a final investigation including phenomena they witness and events that took place.

PSIG Evidence Collection

PSIG's mission is to scientifically prove the existance of the paranormal. We do this though site investigations, documentation, and research.

Step one is evidence collection is documentation. We doceument everything that happens at a site. Something may seem small at the time, but can hold significance to the case. >Ways to document - At the main office, we use a video camera to document everyhing we do at a site. We also use a polaroid or 35 mm camera for the documentation of specific phenomena. If you are taking pictures of a general area, take several pictures of the same area for comparison.
Taking notes while at a site is very important. As I have stated before, something that may seem small at the time, can have some significance to the over all case. By waiting until after an investigation is completed for the night, you are prone to forget things that happened.


To ensure what we are all getting the same information from witnesses we interview, this is a sample of the form we use.

PSIG Witness Interview Report -
Name of Investigators
Date of Interview
Location of interview
Name of witness
Name (s) of anyone involved
Ages of those involved
Date Phenomena Began
Location of phenomena
Has this happened before? Yes or No? If so, when?
Has anyone used a ouija board at the location where the phenomena occurs? Yes or No? If so, are they still used?
Have seances ever been conducted? Yes or No? If yes, are they still being conducted?
Is anyone involved in witchcraft at the site? Yes or No? If so, how long have they been involved, and are they still involved?
Event: List everything that has occured from the beginning to the most recent event. Include dates and times if possible.

We find it easier to take notes on a seperate paper, and then add the information to the report form.