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The Next Shift of Consciousness

Possession, haunting, witchcraft... these are all terms I'm sure you've read hundreds of times either on this website or others like it. Well, maybe it's time we discussed one of the most paranormal events to occur in history. Every once in a great while, human beings make a change. They "evolve" in their thinking. They make immense advancements in medicine, science, technology, and basic thought. We at PSIG call this change a "shift of consciousness."

This shift takes place when the human race's techology overtakes its humanity, when it's population overtakes its technology. These shifts take place every hundred years of so. The Industrial Revolution of the early 1900's and the current technological revolution are excellent examples.

However, there are more dramatic shifts over longer intervals. These shifts take place every millinium or so, and bring about greater advances, such as new beliefs, religions, and such. For instance, the dawning of the Christian faith and the first coming of Christ could be considered a great shift of consciousness. The shift that began the Christian/Catholic faith has lasted over 2000 years. Now, we come to the year 2000. In the last 20 years, this faith has begun to falter. People are beginning to question the faith. The younger generations are beginning to speak the words "God is dead" more often. It is a time of confusion. Many are flocking to the religions that were ancient before Christianity was born. People hold science more dearly than their parents dieties. The Catholic church is losing followers by the day.

Of course, this does not mean that the Christian faiths are wrong, or that they will falter. The true believers are being singled out. People are joining the faiths they were born to follow. This brings us to another point. There are those in this world that in the past few years (and stronger recently) that have urges. They suddenly seek out information on something they never really dwelled on before. They seek out others that have this urge. These people, called Travelers or Seekers, will be the guides... the apostles.. the teachers for the masses in the coming shift. They will ease the confussion and pain. They will be the teachers during the quiet war between those that evolve and those that stay behind. They will be the protestors of the second "Burning Times" that may easily come to pass.

Now, another delimma that faces the world is in the near future. Psychics have attempted to see the world in the future. The US Government has performed time travel experiments to see the future. The universal problem they encounter is a wall in the year 2013. Some say that it is caused by radiation levels caused by nuclear war. Others say that it was caused by radiation pouring through a collased ozone layer. There are even a few that believe that humanity itself has created this wall to prevent prying eyes after the shift. All agree that humanity, in one form or another, will live on. So the question arises... What will happen? Do the second "Burning Times" lead to a nuclear war? Does the shift finally end with the unity and protection of human kind?

Only time will tell.