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Pine Grove Cemetary

This investigation was intended to be only listed under the Current Investigations page, but due to our surprising encounters, we decided to give it a page of it's own.
Originally, PSIG took a trip up to Pine Grove during the day as a suggestion from Scott. He grew up across the street from the cemetary and reported various accounts of seeing soldiers inside the cemetary and hearing battle drums coming from near the cemetary. The first trip was relatively eventless, save the feeling of distinct presenses in several spots in the cemetary. It was then decided to make another trip at night.
Upon entering the cemetary, the group headed up the hill towards the first and most distinct presense. This spirit is referred to by PSIG as "The Colonel," and seems to be the prominent spirit in the cemetary. Nothing was heard at first, but a shadow was seen on the ground where the spirit was felt. Also, small white lights were noticed on the ground near the shadow. The lights would brighten and then fade and appear again in a different spot. After taking photos of the area, the group headed back down the hill towards the center of the cemetary. During the walk, Scott turned and saw the image of the soldier, as he had 10 years ago, and the rest of the group reported seeing a shadow in the form of a man moving around on top of the hill. The group then moved back up the hill and began discussing the shadow. The group then began discussing why the spirit would stay up on the hill in the cemetary, leaving rarely, and Jen heard a distinct male voice say "Because I can." She repeated what she heard, and startled herself. Scott then began questioning the spirit about who he was and the string of responses continued was mediated through Jen. It was through this rather polite, yet cynical and stern, conversation that it was determined that the spirit was indeed a Colonel in the Civil War. The Colonel didn't offer up much other information, but continued to answer any questions politely and clearly. It was also noted that while mediating the conversation, Jen, who has a mutated southern accent due to military brat life, took on a completely different manor and accent while speaking as the Colonel. It was also noted that her voice sounded more stern and formal than usual.
After finishing with the Colonel, the group headed back down the hill towards the center of the cemetary where another spirit was felt. The group began to question the identity of the spirit hoping that the same thing would happen as did with the Colonel. Unfortunately, though the spirit did respond enough to identify himself as a Lieutenant. He didn't say much else, but asked to be left alone. The group then left the spot and looked at some gravestones, making speculations about the possible identity of the Lieutentant. At this point the group started heading toward the far left corner of the cemetary, feeling another presense there, but were interupted by the Colonel. All members report feeling a sudden sense of polite warning, and Jen relayed one last message from the Colonel saying, "Y'all better move along now. You can come back later if you like, but you better move along now." After this warning, a sudden babbling of voices was heard by Jen, Lyn, and John. It was also noticed that shadows began to pop up all around the group throughout the cemetary. The group then heeded the warning, said goodnight to the Colonel and left. We are unsure as to the reason behind the warning. Speculations have been made about the time in which the warning came. Also, it was speculated that perhaps the spirit the group was wandering to was of the "less desirable" kind. We are unsure however. If we find out any more information, it will be added to the page.

Field Report 9-28-99
Field Report 10-3-99