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Order of the Wizard Warriors

Order of the Wizard Warriors


Alignment: Neutral

Established: February 1999

Forums: UGoR, VALoR

This Guild finds its home in the Highlands of Rhydin, in a Kingdom called Valron. The Guild was created by Dralakiar Abstonomin (Dralakiar) to fight against those that aim to control Rhydin in oppressing ways. This guild is not just for anyone, you must have great skills in combat in order to find success here. Yet still all are welcome to find refuge here as a citizen of the Order.

This Guild does not believe in one ruling figure, for it is ruled by a High Council. The High Council makes all the decisions on the guilds course of action from promoting to war. The High Council contains only 10 seats, one person being the Head of the High Council conducting the meetings and leading the way.

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Non-Member's Page

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