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. . . . . . . . . . . . . HK Quotes

   Here are some quotes and situations that the students and teachers of HK have remembered over the years. Some of them might only be funny to a few people, but they all get a chuckle out of at least a couple people. Contribute your memorable quotes to the list, whether the quote was made by an administrator, teacher, or student. Send your entries to the webmaster.

  "Who Dat?" Mr. Traester's response to someone knocking on his door during an AP History class. (2000)

  "Mark!,DON'T EAT THE SUN!" Matt Gitlin's comment to Mark Imbriglio in Earth Science when they were constructing a scaled model of the solar system. (1998)

  "What did you have for dinner? Chicken Pot Pie?" Dave Jacobs commenting on what Josh Neptin left in Biology class after he got sick. (1999)

  "Those are some big balls!" Just a classic Matt Gitlin outburst during Physics class one day. (2000)

  "Who eez dis mon?" Who can forget everyone's friend, the foreign exchange student from Belgium with the funny accent. (2001)

  "Now having said that..." One of Mr. Cunningham's favorite ways to start a sentence. (Started who knows when.)

  "You have a hot tub! AWWWWEEEEESOOOOMMMMME!" Ross Benedict will never outlive the end of this comment made in Earth Science. (1998)

  "Do you have can openner's in Belgium?" A true question asked of Gerome Melaet, the foreign exchange student, by a freshman at HK. He was serious when he asked it too? (2001)

  "Dude, Like Back in the day." A common phrase used by Travis Worthley. Try talking to him about something serious and it will probably come up at least once.


  "So thats where you grow all the potatoes?!?" One HK student says this to a new student who just transfered from Iowa. (?)

  "Florida!" one HK sophmore student answers when Mrs. Fialko asks "Where is Melbourne?" (2001)

  "What is that some sort of traditional Irish fable or something?" is Mrs. Fialko's response to a statement by Mike Kelly about golfing in the lightning.
"What does that have to do with Ireland! Your just as bad as everyone else!"

  "My Generalizations are kind of general, but..." Matt Goldblatt's disclaimer to his personal opinion in Sociology 2001.
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