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VP Patches & Misc

Description Link Size
Big Head Patch (Note: You need this to get your megas to show!) Bighead 52k
The Megahead by Modummir (1 person) Megahead 691k
The Mated Megahead by Modummir (2 people) Mated Megahead 804k
The Triple Megahead by Modummir (3 people) Triple Megahead 768k
The Crew Megahead by Modummir (4 people) Crew Megahead N/A
Ultra Head-Makes your av 148x148 pixels*New* Ultra 1.04mb
Giga Head-Makes your av 127x127 pixels *New* Giga 1.04mb
Movable Pair Head*Like Mated Mega But For Regular Size Av's* *New* Movable Pair 880k
Nano Head-Makes your av 5x5 pixels*New* Nano 1.04mb
Micro Head-Makes your av 16x16 pixels Micro N/A
Shielded Av *New* Shielded Av 1064k
Shielded Megahead *New* Shielded Megahead N/A
Laptop Head *New* LapTop Head 1039k
Cigarette Head *New* Cigarette Head 446k
Camcorder Head *New* Camcorder Head N/A
TV Head *New* Sony Tv Head N/A
Makes Your Av A Small Verticle Line *New* Verticle Line N/A
Makes Your Av A Small Horizontal Line *New* Horizontal Line N/A
Limo Head *New* Limo Head N/A
Host Head *New* Host Head N/A
Joint Head*Makes Your Av Look Like A Joint**New* Joint Head N/A
Pigga Head* It's a megahead used to block your identity. It's just a black box though *no av**New* Pigga Head N/A
Super Tour *New* Super Tour 447k
Patch Worx*New* PatchWorxv 834k
Send Bigger Files in VP (up to 125k) Bigfile 52k
Play Gestures in IMs Gestures 128k
Have 5 Gesture Palettes Gesture Pal 2 N/A
Mimic Someones Gestures Gesture Mimic N/A
Send Mass IM's Mass IMer 5 N/A
Put s p a c e s in your Nickname Name Spacer
Increases Gesture Bubble Time Bubble 52k
Protect Your IP# And Also Keeps People From Booting You VP Anywhere N/A
Disables the Gesture Boot No Boot 129k
Tired Of A Mug That Wont Leave You Alone? Mug Booter 2 N/A
Flips your Av rapidly Dizzyer 129k
Chillys Av Stealer Full (ripped) Chillys 214k
AV Bandit *Captures Av's, Tours, and Megas* AV Bandit N/A
Image Capturing Tool, works great on Avs, Tours, Megas, Capture 98 114k
Invisible Av *doesn't work with newer version of Vp* Transparent Av 2k
Gesture Genie (Unlimited File Size) Gesture Genie 933 k
Big Dawgs Gesture Compiler Gesture Maker 933 k
Virtual Places Chat Software-*Works with IE5* Vplaces 2.11 1.81mb
Check To See How Much Lag You Have In Vp Lag Meter N/A
Make You Own Heads for Vp Genesis - Info N/A

VP Games

Description Link Size
Yahtzee Yahtzee 871 k
Checkers Checkers 642 k
BattleShip Battleship 908 k
Chess Chess 786 k

Paint Shop Pro Stuff

Description Link Size
Paint Shop Pro 5 *Full Version* Psp N/A
Plug-In for psp - KPT 3.0 *Serial# 07064-15906-01532* KPT 3.0 3.95mb
Plug-In for psp - EyeCandy 3.0 *Serial# IIIGEBFHMJNB* EyeCandy 3.0 0.98mb
Plug-In for psp - Almathra *Puddle, Halo, ect... effects* Almathra 543k
Plug-In for psp - Xenofex *Serial JKGDDBEEKLCH* Xenofex 500k
Plug-In for psp - TypeCaster *Good Text Plug-In* *Serial Included* TypeCaster 736k
Plug-In for psp - 4 Seasons *Serial# 4SP-W-01-0ve2za0-902b210-04d61* 4 Seasons 1939k
Plug-In for psp - Blade Pro *Good For Texts and Making Bg's**Serial 100037* Blade Pro 1348k
Plug-In for psp - Xaos *Make 3-D Texts* Xaos 4805k
Plug-In for psp - Axion Glow & Sparkle Axion G&S 2.0 720k
Plug-In for psp - Axion Flare *Name: DASavant [AnThraX] - Serial: 12LJPN1GLP* Axion Flare 2.0 791k
Plug-In for psp - ULead Particle *Bubbles, ect...**Crack Included* ULead Particle 2m
Plug-In for psp - ULead Type *Awesome Text Effect* ULead Type 2m
Plug-In for psp- Crescent MoonCrescent Moon 418k
Plug-In for psp- SweetfluxSweetflux 877k
Xara 3D *Program for Creating 3D Text* Xara 3D - Crack It 932k
Xara 2 *Make Awesome Effects**New* Xara 2 Crack It N/A
Make Your Own Plug-Ins/Filters FFactory 366k
Adobe 5, Unzip all files to same folder Adobe 5 (1) - Adobe 5 (2) - Adobe 5 (3) 13mb

Other Downloads

Description Link Size
Winzip 7.0 Needed to Unzip some files here, and all over the web (Name:"EMX 97" Ser#:"62165034") WinZip 7.0 921k
Winrar 2.06 Needed to Unrar some files here, and all over the webWinRar 2.0 400k
The True Table 3.0 (HTML Program by Anthrax) The True Table (Full install) - The True Table (Program only. no vb runtime files) 1.80MB - 71k
Great Anti Virus Program AVP 4mb
Go!Zilla- Net Download Manager *Great for Multiple Downloads* Go!Zilla 3.5 1.69mb
Kills all the annoying Pop-Ups Pop-Up Slayer 1.86mb
Ws_ftp95 *Upload Multiple Files* Ws-ftp95 576k
Anfy Java *Make Awesome Java Pages* Anfy Java 1.4mb
Nuke Nabber *Stop Nukes* Nuke Nabber 188k
Netbuster *Find out if someone is using Netbus on you - also gives you their IP* Netbuster 1.31 N/A
Anti-Jen *Back Oriface Trojan Remover* Anti-Jen 300k
GetRight 3.2 *Resumes Downloads for You* *Serial Included* GetRight 3.2 986k
WinDac 1.46 *Record from CD's to make Wavs* WinDac 1.46 328k
Crack For WinDac 1.46 Crack It 8k
WinAmp 2.09 *Great Mp3 Player* WinAmp 2.09 - Crack It 476k - 11k
Stay Connected to the Net Stay Connected N/A
Lockdown 2000 *Excellent Security Program-KeyGen included* (Serial # : DRQ35B) Lockdown 2000 1715k
Conseal PC Firewall 3.0 Full CFirewall 3.0 409k
Removes And Modifies Time Limits On Demo or Shareware Software Date Crack V 1.0 409k

We are no way associated with any of these programs
and do not take credit for them. All of us here
at BDMD's have most of these programs,
but considering how many there are,
there is no way we could check them all.
As far as we know, everything on here is a safe download,
but as with any at your own risk.
If you find a broken link, please let one of us know.