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Aquamarine's Favorite Links
Aquamarine's Links

Gemstone 3 Homepage.

Icemule Historical Society. Owned and maintained by my IG husband Krellin!!

Shrine of the Sea Priestess. One of my favorites as a follow of Niima. Wonderful information and stories about Niima and Charl.

The Elanthian Bestiary. Great site to check what critters you should be hunting. Amazing site.

Eratika's Incredibly Lengthy Verb List. This has the most extensive accurate verb lists I've ever seen.

My IG daughter Oceanette's player Laura's site. Very nice, go visit now. :pushes:

Lady Cleodelia's Auction House. Terrific site. My only excuse for not using it in this auction was the fact that I needed an excuse to update my webpage.

Lady Cattriona's Alteration Guide. I worship this site. Even if you don't need help, you should go there just to admire it.

Lord Amaron's Guide to the Abandoned Inn Crystal. Great guide to the crystal, covers everything.

More to come!