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The Story of Aquamarine Lilea

Aquamarine Lilea is a human cleric, born to Father Kurtairen and Mother Chrystabel on the 17th of Charlatos, in the town of Icemule Trace. Upon being given the power of speech by her mother and the power of movement by her father, she began to explore the lands.

Aquamarine found Icemule Trace much too cold for her liking, so after saying goodbye to her dear parents and promising to visit often, she traveled through the snowfields and mountain glaciers to the warmer and much larger town of Wehnimer's Landing, where she began her training as a cleric.

Soon Aquamarine reached her third training and much to the happiness of many of her friends, joined the Order of Voln and set about her duty to free the undead from Elanthia.

When Aquamarine reached her fifth training, she started a search for a House. After exploring the many prestigious Houses in Wehnimer's Landing, she finally settled on Silvergate Inn and promptly was inducted as a member.

Soon enough, Aquamarine reached her twelfth training and finally became able to give back to Elanthia through resurrection. She raised many bodies. However, when Aquamarine reached her fourteenth training, she realized she wasn't happy. She looked back on her life as a cleric and realized that she hadn't done as much as she could have done or learned as much as she could have learned. So Aquamarine made the choice to restart her path as a cleric.

Aquamarine is Reborn.

Aquamarine was reborn a cleric of Niima, and gave her life to the order of worshipping the sea priestess as soon as she realized that she was 1/223 sea nymph. She visited Charl's shrine and did lots of research on her goddess, praying to her regularly as she grew.

Aquamarine Finds Love.

Soon after Aquamarine was reborn a cleric of Niima, she found love with one of her best friends, a handsome dwarven warrior who she found loved her back. On the 29th of Lormesta, they were married in Icemule Trace amongst dancing sprites with a single priestess. They decided to renew their vows as soon as Aquamarine became a Lady.

Aquamarine continues to serve Niima and to grow. Her story continues.