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Magickal Color Meanings

This Magickal Color Meanings list is good incase you want to know what colors mean what for whatever reason. Colors help a lot in rituals, spells, and meditations to help create a certain feeling or objective. You could use these colors for candles, string/ribbon, paper, or writing utensil.

Black- Returning to sender; divination; negative work; protection

Blue-Black- For wounded pride; broken bones; angelic protection

Dark Blue- Confusion(use with white so you don't confuse yourself

Indigo Blue- Reveals deep secrets; protection on the astral levels; defenses

Blue- Protection

Light Blue- Protection of home; buildings; young(male)

Royal Blue- Power and protection

Dark Purple- Calling up the power of the ancient ones; runes; government

Lavender- To invoke righteous spirits within yourself; favors for people

Dark Green- Invoking the Goddess of Regeneration; agriculture; finacial

Green- Healing/health; North Cardinal Point

Avocado Green- Beginnings

Mint Green- Financial gains(with gold or silver)

Light Green- Improve the weather

Ruby Red- Love or anger of a passionate nature

Red- Love; romantic atmosphere; energy; South Cardinal Point

Light Red- Deep affection of a non-sexual nature

Deep Pink- Harmony and friendship in the home

Pink- Harmnony and friendship with people; binding magick

Light Pink- Friendship; young females

Yellow- Healing; East Cardinal Point

Deep Gold- Prosperity; sun magick

Gold- Attraction

Light Gold- Prosperity in health

Orange- Material gain; to seal a spell; attraction

Burnt Orange- Opportunity

Dark Brown- Invoking Earth for benefits

Brown- Peace in the home; herb magick; friendship

Light Brown- Material benefits in the home

Gray- Glamories

Silver- Quick money; gambling; invocation of the moon; moon magick

Off-White- Peace of mind

Lily White- Mother candle(burn at each moon phase for 30 minutes)

White- Righteousness; purity; East Cardinal Point; devotional magick

**taken from Teen Witch by Silver RavenWolf**