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Who Am I?

All the things you never really wanted to know about me!

Well we will start simple: I am not you! OK well lets get even more simple: I'm am a girl. I live in Connecticut, and am 15 years old.(depending on when your reading this though(1/25/02)) Well I like music. Enough to even play 4 instruments: violin, viola, bass, and guitar. I write music too. Other than music in my life I do pretty good in school mostly "A's" lol. I am not very athlectic but I try to snowboard. My friends would probably describe me as crazy, and funny or maybe as serious and quite, but possibly as being undescribable. OK now we get to the deeper things not like my age, things I like or the clothes I wear but really answering the question of Who I am. On my friend's web page she had a mini quiz that said "which are you?" The answeres were things like a punk, a hippie, a preppy, a geek, a rocker, and ect. I was about to click on one when I realized I fit into all those catagories or maybe I fit into none! A true person cannot be tied down to one thing. Most people see me by the skin deep qualities above but to tell the truth that is only the beginning of who I am. Currently I am reading a book on the world's religions even though I do not myself actually pratice a religion. I really try hard not to be ignorent because so many people are. I really would like to help people by sharing my knowledge but not tring to make my opinions other people's. I just want to have people hear me and me understand them. I also want to make a change. ( I always look at the third party canidates because in a way they represent change in our country to me.) People always tell me how lucky I am to live in America, and how bad it is in other countries. Certianly I feel bad for them and lucky that I have a nice house and beautiful things: But I feel Americans have stopped trying. The beliefs our country were based on have all but dissapeared! I don't want some old guy telling me it's illegal to buy this rock CD because some of the lyrics are offensive to him or even say I can't own a gun because I might hurt someone, though I would never even hurt a squirrel. I have to get unnessicary medical shots and perscriptions drugs but they demand a war on drugs when they are the ones perscibing more of them. Most addictions are to medical drugs but really are medical drugs any worse than other drugs if you can become addicted to them. So I say to you one of the libertarian party's(If you don't know who the libertarian party is please climb out of your two-party system hole and go to slogans "I AM PRO-CHOICE ON EVERYTHING!" So that is who I really am if you agree with me fine or don't agree with me I don't care, because I don't care if your opinions are my opinions but now you know mine and I'm going back to a simple fact I am not YOU!


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