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The Sounds of Belgravia

I worked very hard making these WAVs! Feel free to take any of them--Belgravia is a land of sharing.
But could you please give me credit and a link? Thanks!

Our King In Music

From the King's great solo album, Stranger Things Have Happened:

Stranger Things Have Happened


Get What You Pay For

Take A Giant Step

Higher And Higher


From Two Man Band:

Pleasant Valley Sunday

More of Pleasant Valley Sunday

From Seventh Heaven:

Sunshine of Your Love

From 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee:

Peter's performance of Bach's Toccata in D


More of Prithee

California Here It Comes

With Shoe Suede Blues:

Young Blood

Madison Blues

Blue Suede Shoes

She Belongs To Me


Shake, Rattle and Roll

Cross-cut Saw


Flip, Flop and Fly

More Music:

Lady's Baby

For Pete's Sake

Come On In

Tear the Top Right Off My Head (from the Hitting the High Seas eppy)

Peter playing part of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" on the banjo *sigh*, from the Monkees In the Ring eppy.

Live 1967

More from Live 1967

Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky

Peter from Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow

From "Head":
Ditty Diego

Short mike


Nobody Ever Lends Money...


I'm the Dummy

Hand On Me

This Is Serious

Mother Of Pearl

Mr. One

Wanna Be

Strawberry Fields Forever

The King gets snippy! hee hee

Part of The King's speech

More of The King's speech

Even more of The King's speech

From The Eppies:

The King as a chicken?!

The King speaks on exercise

Crime does not pay


Indian mystic

Photographer Peter


Wuhwuh 2

An ad to reach the King

A start

A jug of bread...

The King goes British


Can't tell

Get it yourself! He's a king!

Dirty commie!

Dinner is served


The Face

The King has seen that face before

The King's feelings are hurt!

Fingers in the city

Go fish!

The King's glad!

The King speaks on pronunciation

Hanger On

Of course we have!

The King needs heeeelp!

The King incites

The King gets scared of the Invisible Man

It's the King!


The King used to know him!

Your attention please!

The King's precious laugh


That's King Peter's!

King Peter in the morning

Hot mustard!

Oh me!

Why can't King Peter play smart?!

The King in Texas

The King invokes his rights!

San Diego

Awww...The King is scared...


The King snoops

A little spray

King Peter knows too much!

The King as El Torko


King Peter speaks on transistors

The King speaks on turpentine!

The King speaks French

King Peter's Christmas message

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