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As you walk through the wilderness in the dark, you come across a valley, filled with trees and streams and flames. Looking closely, you even notice a small cottage in the center. Damn, is your night-vision good! Wait, take those goggles off, you cheater! *thwap* Having been lost for days, you make your way towards it. That is when you hear a roar. But it isn't the roar of the flames! It is in the distance, but yet too close for comfort. The hairs on the back of your neck rise and you shudder, wondering what creature is out there.

You look around nervously and continue towards the cottage, hoping that you can at least take shelter there and that the architect included some asbestos walls in his design.. You hear the roar again. It is closer. Each step you take, the roar is heard steadily getting closer to you.

Is that beast long-winded or what?

Finally as you reach the bottom of the hill, you notice the shadows spreading apart as though commanded to do so. How you reached this decision is a mystery to us both, though, because heaven knows you've never seen shadows do that. Just ahead is the cottage, but before you can take another step, a large snow leopard appears before you. You take a step backward, frightened, and with good reason.

The snow leopard is large for its species, weighing in at approximately 4.5 tons. Its eyes were a jaundiced gold-flecked green. It stared at you, then you heard it laugh, a harsh, rattling, death-choke sound. You blinked, wondering if it was true, if the snow leopard had actually laughed or if the smoke was finally getting to it..

"Come with me, traveler, and tell me your tale," the leopard said, with the voice of a female. "The cottage is warm. Don't look at me like that. I am perfectly normal." Sure, sure, normal is an over-sized kitten talking and laughing at you.

A white mist enveloped her and a woman stood there. She looked about 116, but you could tell she was older. She was pale, as if she had never seen the light of day, yet wrinkly, as if she had been considering a stint as a raisin during her retirement. It was then you knew where you were. You were in Tiara's Vale, and this was Tiara herself. This was the Immortal Form-Changer, the one who was a Companion to the Chosen One, Biggles. Now YOU, my friend, are one helluva history buff.

She stares into your eyes. What an unsettling experience! "Well, are you coming?" she asks, impatiently. "There is a warm fire." Just like the one outside here. Do fires come in any other variety?

She smiles and leads you into the cabin. She motions for you to take a seat in front of the fire. Remind me to change this gif.

You do so and she grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses. Watch out! She wants your body! Nooo! Nooo! Run for your life!!

"This will help to warm you." She sits down next to you, a little too close for comfort, and smiles. "Please, let me tell you of myself and then you can tell me of yourself."

She begins to weave her tale.

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