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Roots Hall: Home of Southend United FC

Roots Hall in all its glory

Taken from the south stand upper tier, this shot reveals most of the East Stand during the Brentford game (24.4.99). This picture came from Luke Bosman's excellent Blues site.

Ground History:

Southend United have had two spells at Roots Hall, the latest one being from 1955. Before Scunthorpe built Glanford Park, it was the newest ground in the league. Recently, Southend celebrated their 1000th game at the venue against Barnet, losing 3-2. Roots Hall was actually built on a rubbish tip, and as a result, the pitch had to be lowered to even it out. Consequently, the pitch was 50m lower in 1955 than it was in 1906. The ground is currently all seater and is regarded with affection by Southend fans. Its total capacity of 12,485 is unusually large for the third division.

The North Stand:

This stand is allocated to visiting supporters, which is their bad luck really, as the North stand is probably the worst part of the ground, with seasts having been bolted on to the terrace, and a large fence obscuring the view from some areas. However, Southend have been trying to make life more comfortable for visiting fans, and a northwest wing seating area has been built to house visiting families. Prior to 1994 when the stand was seated, the stand was allocated to home fans, and the barrel roofing meant the acoustics were some of the best around. This roof remains, so away fans can whip up a good noise. The hostility of the old North bank meant Roots Hall was always a daunting ground to come to, and since 1994, Southend's home record has noticeably deteriorated.

The West Stand (Family Stand):

Seats were installed here in 1991, and this stand is notoriously quiet because of the number of children and older supporters. The stand is the cheapest for home fans, costing 10 for adults and 5 for children. The stand has a double roof, because when seats were first built, it was found that the cover didn't extend all the way forward, so another roof was added! Recently, the stand was extended to the left and the right, and is now linked with the South stand and the North stand.

The East Stand

The East stand is the only isolated side of the ground. The paddock at the front was converted to seating in the early 90's. The stand used to only run about halfway along the pitch, but this has been rectified with the building of two extra blocks of seats. This stand is also known as the main stand, and it is the biggest stand in the ground. Fans sitting in the green section can easily direct abuse at Alvin Martin, as they are in very close proximity to the dugout.

The Frank Walton (South) Stand:

The ridiculously small two tiered south stand was constructed in 1994 replacing the old away terrace. In the 70's, Roots Hall's south bank was a giant 13,000 capacity kop, but in the mid eighties when the club was in financial crisis, land was sold to a building company who built large blocks of flats, reducing the capacity to about 2,000. The two tiered seater stand is very popular with Southenders, but only seats 2,100 and is known as the Lego stand. The upper tier (where I sit) provides one of the best views in the ground.