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The Jai alternative awards 1998/99

The Jai alternative awards are my personal awards for Southend United this season. They are based on my personal opinion, and aim to give credit where credit is due and to give out a few bashings to less worthy candidates as well. Enjoy.

Goal of the Season award

1. Alex BURNS vs Scunthorpe United on 10.10.98.
2. Kevin MAHER vs Hartlepool United on 8.5.99.
3. Scott HOUGHTON vs Barnet on 1.5.99

Individual performance of the season

1. Scott HOUGHTON vs Hartlepool United on 19.12.98.
2. Melvin CAPLETON vs Cardiff City on 13.4.99.
3. Barry CONLON vs Plymouth Argyle on 17.4.99.

Best visiting team at Roots Hall

1. Brentford on 24.4.99.
2. Cardiff City on 13.4.99.
3. Barnet on 12.12.98.

Worst visiting team at Roots Hall

1. Brighton & Hove Albion on 20.2.99.
2. Rotherham United on 5.9.98.
3. Scarborough on 9.1.99.

Worst away supporters

1. Brighton & Hove Albion on 20.2.99.
2. West Ham United on 31.7.98.
3. Brentford on 24.4.99.

Team performance of the season

1. vs Leyton Orient at Brisbane Road on 3.4.99.
2. vs Plymouth Argyle at Home Park on 17.4.99.
3. vs Rotherham United at Roots Hall on 5.9.98.

Player of the year

1. Rob Newman
2. Barry Conlon
3. Mark Beard

Most improved player

1. Barry Conlon
2. Mark Beard
3. Trevor Fitzpatrick

Most exciting cameo appearance

1. Kevin Rapley
2. Lee Hodges
3. Barry Hunter

Most ridiculous haircut award

1. Melvin Capleton
2. Trevor Fitzpatrick
3. Adrian Clarke

Most taunted person award

1. Alvin Martin
2. Barry Fry
3. John Adams

Most dangerous away ground

1. Barnet
2. Brentford
3. Mansfield Town

That concludes the giving of the 1998/99 Jai alternative awards. I would also like to give a special mention to referee Andrew Hall from Birmingham, who would have won the award for most outrageous refereeing performance if there was such an award. However there isn't, so he will have to go empty handed for the moment. I hope you have enjoyed perusing these awards, and no doubt there will be many an argument about my choices. However, I don't care. Next years awards will be renamed the Pier Pressure awards and, all going well, will be run in conjunction with the new fanzine. So at least we can all write in and vote, giving us some decent democracy. Thanks for reading.