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Leo Roget

Born: 1st August 1977

Birthplace: Ilford

Height: 6ft 1ins

Weight:12.2 stone

Leo is another player to have come through the clubs infrastructure and in his three years as a professional has established himself as one of the most talented players in the Nationwide League. Unfortunately, Leo has had very little luck in the last two seasons, a back injury kept him out for almost the entire 97/98 campaign, while this season, he has had to surprisingly wait in the wings as Alvin Martin prefers his new signings in the heart of the defence. Almost left for Feyenoord in 1997, it is certain that Leo's time will come again, hopefully at Southend. Superb on the ground, he displays quite breathtaking cheek and skill, and is surely one of the most calm defenders in England. Commanding in the air, but has only ever scored once for Southend, in April 1996 against Watford. In my opinion, Leo is Southend's most gifted player.