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Reflections On Ice...

Historical Figure Skating

1961 team

Thank you so much for visiting our Page of Reflections On Ice....Historical Figure Skating.This Page will take you back to the beginning of time with ALL our Skaters...and It will also provide you with Historical Skating well as help you to remember some of our long-lost Figure Skaters from the beginning of Time. We hope you will enjoy it!!

Is a memorial to The 1961 U.S. World Figure Skating Team . For sure if they has arrived to their destination has won the championship but  god said another thing. they deserve this memorial because in a way or another  are champions in our hearts.


Rhode Lee Michelson -
17 years old
Laurence R. Owen
16 years old

Stephanie Westerfeld
18 years old

 From the Arctic Blades Figure Skating Club. She won the Ladies Novice Title in 1958. Then became the 1959 Pacific Coast Ladies Champion. 1961 U.S. bronze medalist .

From the Figure Skating Club of Boston.1961 U.S. and North American champion, 1960 Olympic and World team member

From  Broadmoor Skating Club. at age eight her coach Edi Scholdan, who helped her win the 1952 Midwestern novice title, the 1956 junior ladies title, and the Midwestern senior ladies title from 1957 to 1960. Steffi went to her first Nationals in 1955. She competed in National junior ladies for three years, placing third in 1957 and second in both 1958 and 1959 ,  1961 U.S. silver medalist


Gregory Kelley
Bradley Lord
Douglas Ramsay
16 years old

1961 U.S. silver medalist,
1961 North American bronze
medalist, 1960 World team member

From the Figure Skating Club of Boston ,He started skating at age 11, 1961 U.S.champion, 1961 North American
silver medalist, 1959 World team member.

 From Detroit Skating Club. He was the only man to do a Triple-Jump in the 1961 US. Nationals ,
1961 U.S. Championships fourth-place finisher  .


iIa Ray Hadley 18 years old
Ray Hadley
Jr. 17 years old
Laurie Hickox - 16 years old
William Holmes Hickox
19 years old
Maribel Y. Owen
Dudley Shaw Richards.
29 years old

Both from the Seattle Figure Skating Club - They were a Brother/Sister Pairs Team
who won the Junior Pairs Championship in 1957. They claimed the Pacific Coast Senior Pairs Titles in 1959 and1960. They became the Pacific Coast Silver Ice-Dance Champions in 1960. In 1961 they won the Silver Medal at the U.S. National Championships. Earning a place on the World Team at 1960 Olympic and World team members and 1961 U.S. pairs silver medalist.
they were from the Skating Club of San Francisco.
1960 Olympic team members, 1961 U.S. pairs champions, 1961 North American silver medalists .
Dudley Shaw Richards from the Figure Skating Club of Boston.

Ice Dancers

Dona Lee Carrier 20 years old
Roger Campbell 18 years old
Patricia Dineen
Robert Dineen
both 25
Diane Carol Sherbloom 18 years old
Larry Pierce 24 years old

both representing the Arctic Blades Figure Skating Club in Paramount,California -
1961 U.S. and North American silver medalists =Roger won the silver Medal in Ice-Dance with Partner Dona Lee Carrier.
Who he partnered up with him 1960.
From the Skating Club of Lake Placid - Won the US. Silver Dance Title in 1960 and the Eastern Gold Dance
Title in 1961,before winning the Bronze Medal in Ice-Dance at Nationals in 1961. They were a married Husband/wife
Team and in 1961 U.S. bronze medalists
from Los Angeles Figure Skating Club .She won the Silver Medal at Nationals in 1959 with
Roger Campbell and 1961 U.S. champions with Larry Pierce.


Linda Hadley - Coach and mother to Ila Ray Hadley and Ray Hadley, Jr.

William Kipp - Coach to Dona Lee Carrier and Roger Campbell, and Rhode Lee Michelson

Maribel Vinson Owen ,49 years old - Coach  from figure Skating Club of Boston and mother to daughters Laurence and
Maribel Y. Owen, coach to Dudley Richards Also was coach of the American Ladies Gold Medalist Tenley Albright.

Sport career of Maribel:

She won her first National Title in 1928. As well as won the next 5 Championships. She won again in 1935. She also won the
Bronze Medal in 1932. She also won 5 Senior Pairs Titles with 2 different Partners. Thornton Coolidge in 1928 and 1929. As
well as with George Hill in 1933,1935,1936,and 1937.

Edi Scholdan 49 years old, the Broadmoor Figure Skating Club. Colorado Springs Colorado, He coached Mens Olympic Gold
Medalist Alan and David Jenkins  and was Coach of Greg Kelley, Stephanie Westerfeld, and Laurie and William Hickox in 1961.

William Swallender - 52 years old  from the Detroit Figure Skating Club.Coach of Doug Ramsay


Harold Hartshorne 69 years old - World judge

Edward LeMaire - National judge

Deane E. McMinn - 41 years old from Lomita,Cal. .Team manager, international and Olympic judge He was also one of the
founding Members of the Arctic Blades Figure Skating Club. He Judged the 1960 Olympics and the 1960 North American

Championships. He was also responsible for the creation and adoption of Pairs Tests.

Walter S. Powell - International referee and member of the ISU Executive Committee


Ann Campbell - Mother of Roger Campbell
Louise Hartshorne - Wife of Harold Hartshorne
Nathalie Kelley - Sister of Gregory Kelley
Richard LeMaire - Son of Edward LeMaire
James Scholdan - Son of Edi Scholdan
Sharon Westerfeld - Sister of Stephanie Westerfeld