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Newington, Connecticut is located in Hartford County, bordered by Wethersfield, Berlin and New Britain. In 1776 the population was 460. 100 of Newington's men responded to the call to duty for the American Revolution. Today Newington comprises 13.2 square miles and has a population of 28,278.

Newington has a large business population, as well as a fine residential community. You can find just about anything you want on the Berlin Turnpike (Rtes 5/15), from soup to nuts! You can still hear quite a few interesting tales of the Hartford Drive-In from the Old (and not-so old) Timers alike! Newington seems to be constantly improving itself.

Originally, Newington was part of Wethersfield. Wethersfield was settled in 1634, and as early as 1636 timber was be taken from Newington for the use of pipe staves and building. The land was also used for grazing the herds.

In 1668 Sgt. Richard Beckley was granted 300 acres in Wethersfield, which became the "Newington Society." In 1670 the western boundary to Farmington was established. 7 years later the first permanent settlement began. In 1695, the last of Newington's land was divided up. In 1708 the farmers realized they needed to become a seperate parish and petitioned the General Assembly. The town was legally named "Newington" in 1721, but it wasn't until 1871 that it was finally incorporated.