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catherine's third page

About the Great White Brotherhood

The term refers to a group of ascended beings
and has nothing to do with race, colour or creed.
At the head of the Brotherhood
are such wonderful spirits
as Jesus, Buddha, Lord Krishna and many others.
Another term for the Brotherhood is
the Ancient Mystical Brotherhood.
However, when they talk to me
they always refer to themselves as
the Great White Brotherhood,
so that is why I go with that name.
A Message From the Great White Brotherhood

An immense portal is being prepared
for those who are willing to take
the step towards love and light.
Not everyone will be ready to walk
through this doorway,
but if you are reading this message,
you will be well on your way
to completing the preparations
necessary for this almost quantum leap.

Many of you at present are surrounded by darkness,
but dearest children you are part of
and can become the light.
Darkness is like a child at present;
kicking and screaming
trying every avenue possible to escape.
Very much like a criminal trying to evade capture.
You are the light,
it is trying to escape from,
and it will try every means possible
in its repertoire to create havoc,
to increase negativity.

When you hear of a tragedy in human terms,
send the heavenly angels of light
to deal with it, and also prayers of love.

We of the Brotherhood again would wish to remind you
of the continual love you are surrounded by.
You can accept it or reject it,
but regardless of your feelings or situation,
you are continually surrounded by total love.

Emotion is that which makes you human,
but try not to let in control your thoughts and actions.
Always try to take a step back from a situation
you are involved in, and evaluate what is really occurring.

It is impossible for us at present
through the medium of words,
to convey how much you are loved.
Please trust in us,
and know that we are ever near
and there for you.

In light and love, we bid you adieu.

Your brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood.

Re: Catherine Seiler 27th of December,1999.

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27th of December,1999
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