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Surnames Beginning With "E"

Surname Given Name Age Date of Ev Event Father's Given Father's Surname Mother's Given Mother's Surname Record Location Event Location Spouse Given Spouse Surname Birth Place Notes
EIDUKYNAS Motiejus 31 02/19/1917 M Jonas Eidukynas Eva Boziute Waterbury St.Joseph Emilija Karaziejute Lithuania  
EIMUTE Mary 21 01/08/1907 M Mathew Eimute Rosalia Zaleckaite Waterbury St.Joseph Anthony Stiga Lithuania  
ELENSKES Tadauskas 32 05/29/1898 M Wencentas Elenskes Allona Beneskeweczute Waterbury St.Joseph Pallaceiona Bogushute Lithuania  
ELICKE Pauline 22 02/04/1906 M Samuel Elicke Anne Tomincke Fairfield St.Thomas Charles Steponitis Russia  
ELINSKAS Clement 28 01/15/1901 M Vincent Elinskas Helene Benesziute Waterbury St.Joseph Solomea Poluckiute Lithuania  
ELUSKAS Kazimiras 19 07/25/1942 M Kazimir Eluskas Agnes Morris E.Windsor   Grace Zilinskas Hartford Elinskas also
ENDRIKIS Anthony 21 10/24/1904 M Vincent Endrikis Rozalia Jusczins Waterbury St.Joseph Helen Jusczius Lithuania  
ENDRILKIS Anthony 21 10/27/1904 M Vincent Endrilkis Rozalia Jusczius Waterbury St.Joseph Helena Jusczius Lithuania  
ENDRIUKYTE Francisca 21 01/12/1910 M Isidor Endriukyte Francisca Ramonyte Waterbury St.Joseph Casimir Matusevicius Lithuania  
ENGALERT Louis 23 01/28/1899 M August Engalert Tenai Dumshut Waterbury Lutheran Eva Azabain Lithuania  
ENKELMONIUTE Helena 23 08/15/1901 M Charles Enkelmoniute Flornia? Zglenska Waterbury   Ignatius Czeponis Lithuania  
EQUILIEWICH Adam 21 09/28/1914 M         E.Windsor   Elizabeth Walukaytis    
ERBER John 31 03/20/1895 D         Waterbury       Poland sgl.
ERLICKIS Joseph 24 09/09/1902 M Joseph Erlickis Ursula Montvidis Waterbury St.Joseph Mary Szimanaicziute Lithuania  
ESCHESHAT Christina 23 10/07/1916 M Mikara Escheshat Lena Wishnewska Greenwich Rev.Zaychenko Peter Belomyzy Russia  
ESELUNAS Frank 76 10/26/1957 D         So.Windsor       Russia b.1881
EUCKIS Thomas 40 09/03/1907 D         E.Granby       Russian Poland Knight
EUNAUSKOY Anthony   01/05/1914 D Joseph Eunauskoy Mary Eikewich So.Windsor       S.Windsor b.11/22/13
EVANS Joseph 27 07/24/1937 M John Evans Mary Healy Waterbury   Estille Vitkus Waterbury,CT  


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