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Humans, Aliens, & Critters

Tiny Dancer
Three Little Bunny Girls
Dirty Dancing Lady
Stick Man Walking
Cute Babies
Little Girls Bouncing Ball
Green Moon Martian
Blinking Rainbow Alien
Alien Baby Dancing
Finger Up Goofy Green Guy
Hallmark Lady
Big Baby Girl
Guy Getting the Electric Chair
Strange Blue Guy
Alien Tourist
Blue Troll
Blue Hobo
A Nice Hobo
Beavis as a Bum
A Joker or Jester
Bikini Dancer Wearing Paper-Bag
Man with No Money
Alien Head
Laa Laa (teletubbies)
More Teletubbies
Baby Sun (teletubbies)
Baby Sun Bubble (teletubbies)
Elmo Leaping
Elmo Wiggle Dance
Spying on the Neighbors
Old Man Rocking in Chair
Handicapped Guy Walks Out of Chair
Lady with Animated Hair & Boobs
Three Skeletons Dancing
Little Marvin the Martian
Marvin the Martian Turns
Marvin Extends Hand
Marvin on Top of the World
Marvins Golden Head
Marvin in a Box
Guy Looses His Belly
Hula Dancer
South Park Boy
Kyle (south park)
Mans Face Skowling
Man Walks & Pees
Robot Couple Dancing
Man Tap Dances
Ally McBeal Dancing Baby
Couple Dancing
Yellow Dot Skipping
Yellow Dot Smiling