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The Knowlespole has been shut down indefinately while I shop for a domain.

For the time being, this page will be a personal page with my info.

Welcome to the Knowlespole, this page features personal stuff about myself as well as the little online "hobbies" I've gotten into. Also could include some stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else on the page.

Things about me not specified by any of those pages:

I work the third shift at one of the area's casinos (Mohegan Sun, maybe you've heard of it).

My fashion pretty much depends on my mood (and whether I'm on my medication or not). I wear everything from Hot Topic to Old Navy to Walmart and Salvation-Army type things. I'm pretty much a jeans-and-tshirt kind of girl, doesn't even matter anymore where the jeans and t-shirts come from.

I'm also an active seller on eBay. If you are out to collect Final Fantasy collectibles, look me up (user ID: paperdoll18). I've been whittling down my personal collection to help make ends meet.

That's all folks!

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