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Spantax S.A. Douglas DC-10, EC-DEG, c/n 46962/238
Malaga, Spain 1982.
Flight BX995 crashed after an aborted take-off from Malaga.
Photographer: unknown

Tenerife, Canary Island
Douglas DC-3 EC-ARZ c/n 13474
Aboard: 32, Fatal: 32

The aircraft crashed in high terrain short after take-off.

Stockholm, Sweden
Convair Coronado 990A EC-BNM c/n 30
Aboard: 10, Fatal: 5

During the take-off for a charter-flight to Palma de Mallorca the no 4 engine Developed some trouble. The take-off was
aborted and the aircraft returned to gate. It was decided to perform a three-engined flight to Zurich for an engine-change. While climbing the aircraft banked to the right and the airspeed suddenly dropped to 10 kts below V2 (145 kts). The Convair contacted some treetops, banked and crashed 1800 m from the point of lift-off.

Tenerife, Canary Island
Convair Coronado 990A EC-BZR c/n 25
Aboard: 155, Fatal: 155

The flight carrying West German tourists, lost controll short after take-off from Tenerife´s Los Rodeos Airport. The aircraft, a Convair Coronado 990A reached the height of 300 feet when the aircraft suddenly plunged to earth and crashed. Loss of control precipitated by abnormal maneuvers made by the pilot in command in zero visibility. All onboard as killed.

Near Nantes, France
Iberia/Spantax SA
Flight no: BX400
Douglas DC-9-32 EC-BII/Convair Coronado 990A EC-BJC
Aboard: 68/155, Fatal: 68/ 00

Midair collision. The Convair Coronado crew improperly assessed the collision-course situation. The contributing factor was poor quality of radio transmission. All sixty-eight killed aboard the Iberia DC-9, the Convair Coronado landed safely.

Malaga, Spain
Flight no: BX995
Douglas DC-10-30CF EC-DEG c/n 46962/238
Aboard: 394, Fatal: 50

The take-off was aborted above VR-speed when the crew noted strong vibration. The DC-10 overran the runway, crossed a highway and came to rest against a railway embarkment. Fire destroyed the aircraft.