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Petz Shop

Petz Shop

This place is where you download goodies for your Dogz and Catz. If you want something you think sounds cool then just email me and I'll send it to you via email. Easy! Just email! My email is . Here is a list of stuff:


1.Red Bellbottems
Your petz will look in style when they wear these>br> cool red bellbottems! Email to get them!!

2.Rainbow Shirt
Petz look cute in this shirt with it's cool red blue and yellow
stripes! It will do perfect for the beach! It looks sort of like
a swimsuit because it has no sleeves! Email to get them!!


1.Love Potion
I swear this stuff works better than perfume. I bred more than 2 couples in
one day with this stuff!! My petz like it more, too. They don't look 'sad' at me as much.
Get it today!! It's really exelent lotion! Email to get it!!