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Jeremy Kushnier
is NOT a crime!

(note: i haven't touched this site in many months, but i want to keep it up because it took so long to make, and footloose is really an awesome show! (and there are some great sounds from the tour here!!) all of this information is probably outdated, and i can't answer any questions about anything involving the tour presently...this is just for fun, thanks for coming by.)

Hey everyone! This is my site dedicated to , the hot new Broadway musical! Unfortunately there aren't too many Footloose sites out there, and there aren't any at all for the touring company. This is why I am going to have a lot of pictures up soon from the tour! For everyone who knows Rent out there and loves Richard as much as I do, you should know that he KICKED MAJOR ASS as Chuck Cranston this past weekend! As soon as I can get some more pictures and some sounds up I will! Until then keep checking back for updates while I'm under construction.

Touring Co. Pictures

The musical #'s, and a show summary

The Casts
OBC and touring

Some thoughts of Ours



(thanks shannon for the above ads/playbill pic on this page!)

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