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Lisa's Poem for Rachel Joy Scott

You came and you touched us
And we never forgot
The angel from heaven
Named Rachel Joy Scott

Then along came two monsters
And they took you away
They murdered the innocent
And called it NBK day

So now you're with Jesus
And beside him you stand
He reached down from heaven
And you took his hand

He took you to heaven
And your spirit takes flight
Please know in your heart
That we miss you tonight

Our hearts are still hurting
Because you left us behind
Grief has engulfed us
It takes over our minds

You could search the world over
But you still wouldn't find
A spirit like Rachel's
She is ever so kind

You're the highest of angels
Because God gave you your wings
We find comfort in knowing
That you live among kings

You radiate beauty
From deep with inside
Your love is like a blanket
Which can't be denied

You took your faith with you
And what you've been taught
We love and we miss you
Miss Rachel Joy Scott


-Lisa Michelle Maher

The song clip that auto plays on this page is a
moving track done by the awesome crew at MSNBC

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