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Angel Of Mine by Sarah Elizabeth Scott

This poem was written by
Rachel Joy Scott's Cousin
Sarah Elizabeth Scott to
honor Rachel and read at the
final ceremony...

I just missed you....
Angel of mine
looking down seeing the despair
only leaving a soul searching for air.
Feeling the warmth, seeing the light
reaching for wings for the eternal flight
slipping away from this world today.

Angel of mine you've found your way.
Let my love be the wind beneath your wings.
As you rejoice in heaven and sing.

Angel of mine watch over me always,
because I will need you in my heart in many ways.
You my angel I make a promise to you.......
To share your rhythm and rhyme to them you will
show them whats true.

Angel of mine your face will make the heavens
so bright, with your beauty, grace and loving spirit.
Only God knows why you were shot,
but I know for sure I'll never forget my beloved
friend and cousin RACHEL JOY SCOTT

Poem by Sarah Elizabeth Scott age 16

photo by Sarah Elizabeth Scott

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