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Welcome To live 24 hour Web chat

   Welcome!  You have found a place to chat with people in real time with people across the world.  This is a 100% free service - please bookmark this page and come back often.

          While this is typically an uncensored are, please keep adult language and personal attacks to a minimum.  People who harass other users will have their Isp banned from this site.   These rooms are moderated to insure that everyone has a great time chatting,  Parents, PLEASE monitor your children -if a moderated is not in the chat one will be in the room very soon to insure the best chatting experience



[ General Chat ]    [ Teen Chat]   [ Singles Chat ]

Descriptions of the rooms are below - you may want to read this before proceeding.

General Chat The main chatroom, largest chatroom on this page go to chat with hundreds of people from around the world in this 24 hour chat room


Teen ChatTeen chat is especially for teens, has quite a few users, but not as many as generel chat.  Talk with other teens from around the world,   people try to cut back on the foul language as much as possible.

Singles Chat Room
.A room meant for single folks, perhaps looking for an
internet love.

if you have any questions feel free to email me at

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