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Hello everyone! Welcome to Birana's Junkyard Junk! Nice to see ya! (I think... *looks around to see if anyone's out there*) This page emerged from the strange little mind of Birana the black cat. Otherwise known as me. Heehee. Some of you might remember that my site used to be Birana's Jellicle Directory. Well, that's still up, as part of this site, along with everything that was on it. If you have fan art that you want to be seen on this site, please send it to me. Enough with the introduction. On with the site! (PS- sign the guestbook!)

Birana's Jellicle Directory My original site!

Ideas, Inc. The cure for writer's block! Go there if you need help with fanfics

The Unofficial Fan Recording of CATS *Updated November 4!*

Pictures of my Birana costume!

Play the Fantasy Cats RPG ! *Updated December 9!*

My Art Gallery

A Tribute to Samowi About my cat who ran away... lots of pictures! *Updated September 29!*

Linking to My Site

Don't go here! Heehee... I know a lot of sites have something with that title, but mine's a little...different.

Finish the Quote! *Updated November 4!* A game that I made up... should turn out pretty funny!

My Awards! *Updated October 8!* Yeehaw!

Stuff To Do When You're On Your Way To See CATS A little list thingy. Just go. *Updated October 23!*

News From the Tire *Updated December 9!* ~giggles~ The updates page, run by my very own Samowi! Not your average, everyday updates page...

E-meow me!

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CATS is copyright RUG and T. S. Eliot and Andrew Lloyd Webber and a whole bunch of people like that. I'm just a fan, this site is not intended to make money. And that's it for the copyright stuff, I'm not too good with that.

This weird little thing with the green numbers was added on October 8, since I got sick of the other one not working.