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I will be adding regularly to these pages. GREENPOINTERS, you will have
nostalgic memories of our old hometown in Brooklyn N.Y. I didn't appreciate
as much as I do now looking back. But that's life!
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by Bea Sheftel

Baily was five weeks old when he came to live with us. He was so little he could
fit in my hand, but being young and inexperienced didn't stop Baily from exploring
and trying new cat feats.
I was in the kitchen reading when I noticed Baily climb up a ladder back chair, carefully
moving to the top slat. And there he tried to hang, his belly centered on the top
t, his head and butt hanging south. He stayed in this precarious position about a second
or two, and then fell.

"Don't do that," I cautioned the cat, but
since when would a cat listen to a human?

Baily continued climbing up the chair and falling with a soft thud to the kitchen
floor. This preoccupation he had with climbing the chair continued for a couple
of weeks. One day I walked into the kitchen, and there he was, happily hanging on
the top slat, chewing his tail. He didn't wobble, he didn't sway, he didn't
fall. He had tried, and tried again until he succeeded, not letting failure prevent him from success.

Baily's persistence taught me a good lesson. I returned to the manuscript I had revised
so many times I was tired of it, and rewrote it again, and kept at it every day for
a week until I had it the way I wanted it. And finally, I too was able to
succeed as I read my chapter
to my critique group and received a resounding vote of approval.

It sold to Secrets magazine as a romance novella.
While you need talent to be a writer what my cat taught me
was that without
persistence, there is no success.

A POEM which takes place in Greenpoint


by Bea Sheftel
from my book

I walked on the Avenue
with my fragile mother
and sturdy aunt,
Spring mixed
with car fumes
and factory smoke
By a funeral home lay
scattered roses,
blood red, crushed remains.

I hugged my mother
life a fragrant bouquet
but she wilted and died.

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