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*~*~*My Man..........Leonardo*~*~*

Hey everyone. My Name is Kimberly, and this is my shrine to the worlds sexiest actor Leonardo DiCaprio. I have been a devoted fan since Growing Pains. (when Kirk got too old for me) So I feel it's my duty to share my knowledge, pics, and love for Leo with all of you.


(A mix of pix for a true leo lovers delight)
(Theres a lot of good pix so it takes a minute to load)

*Other FINE men*

(For my buddy Nicole)

*Leo Facts*

(Juicy Tid Bits Along With Vital Stats)

*Leo Merchandi$e*

(A Fan To Fan Review)
(Links To Sites With Leo Collectables)

*All about me*

(Pix of my friends, family, and me)

*Good Deeds*

(Recent Acts Of Charity)


(A Timeline of work)

*Future Projects*

(Updates On Leo's Latest Projects)

*Cool Links*

(A Collection Of Websites)

*Say What??*

(The Latest News and Updates On Leo)

*Leo's Ladies*

(Pics + Info Of Other Leo Fans Much Like Yourself)

*America's Most Wanted...Leonardo*

(My second site which has another photo gallery, pic's of his woman, and autographed pictures!!)
(Be sure to stop by!!)


(Different Awards My Sites Have Won)

My website is unofficial and sadly I do not have any direct contact with the man of the moment, Leonardo!! However the facts shown on this page have been collected through the media and from what I can see are exact. The pictures are from my personal collection and from various excellant websites that can provide you with even more interesting facts. Any pictures you are interested in feel free to down load and copy. Hope you enjoy my archive and PLEASE email me with info that I have missed or over looked or just to comment about the page!! ENJOY!! :-)

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