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Animorphs Roleplaying Group

Hello and welcome to The Animorphs Roleplaying Group- where each message thread is a new adventure! Here, you can become any of the Animorph characters, like Visser Three, Erek, Marco, and so on. Become a character and join the fun! You can find me on this RPG as Cassie. I am also in two other RPGs- Alaskan RPG and The Lion King 2 RPG. You can find me at the Lion King RPG as Karmra, Scar, and Shara, and you can find me at the Alaskan RPG as Cassie and Asha. The links to these RPGs are at the bottom of the page. If by any chance the page known as "Come & Join!" isn't working properly, then just e-mail at telling me your name, e-mail address, and about your character.

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