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HOLA!! I'm the one holding the cock!! This is my page and it's not made for little eyes so all u midgets gotta leave!!

Only to see angels face...yet never to feel her true embrace

AIGHT LIKE A SCROTUM, HERE IT IS IN A NUTSHELL! My name's Sara and I'm a 18 year old 'crackhead'. I live in Bridgeport, CT aka the coolest ghetto in all of Mexico. I'm a senior at Central Magnet High School. The magnet if the part of the school where they put the kids that smoke more than the others. I'll be attending Manhattanville college in Purchase NY in the fall, stop by I'll probably be bored. Yeah I actually have a job, I sell shoes at JC Penney in Trumbull Mall. I have a tattoo of Speedy Gonzalez on my lower back much like the picture below. I also have a boyfriend his name is Christian you can read about him by clickin on the link below, he's the man. And that's about it for me. So enjoy my page people (I recomend reading my letter to the world) and don't sign my guestbook telling me I'm crazy, tell me something I don't know!!! And I don't like hearing about how I should wash old men's balls so try to be nice. -WHITEY OUT!!!

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