The Dissidents
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The Dissidents

Hey everyone, this is a little webpage I made with ska & punk bands, sounds, interviews (hopefully a new one with Shawn from Youth Brigade soon!!) and of course Everything going on in Connecticut. If your wondering about the name of this page, well this used to (a long time ago) be a webpage for a really bad punk band that didn't even get to play any shows (because we all sucked so we broke up), and I like the name Dissidents. However I'm still interested in being in a band so if anybody in CT is interested in starting a ska/punk band then e-mail... Anyway, I hope you enjoy this page, if you are in CT be sure to check out what's going on here (that I know of), otherwise you can sign the guestbook and do other stuff.

This applet was on the fantastic Furious George Page.

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Started January 1997

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